Which Heroes become best with Aghanim’s scepter in Dota 2?

Which Heroes become best with Aghanim's scepter in Dota 2?

What is Aghanim’s scepter/shards?

Aghanim’s scepter/shards is an item that falls under the magical item section. Aghanim’s Scepter gives a bonus ability to the heroes in Dota 2 to make them more powerful.

This item grants different abilities, such as a wide range of attacks, new combo skills, extra stunned or silenced power, and many more.

I have made a list of 5 Dota 2 heroes for whom you need to buy Agh’s to upgrade their performance.

Dota 2 heroes who become best with Aghanim’s scepter \Shard

1) Juggernaut

Juggernaut is the melee/agility hero in Dota-2, and after the purchase of Agh’s, the hero gets a new ability called a swift slash. It is the mini version of Omni-slash dealing the same level of damage to the enemy units, but for a short period.

Similarly, upgrading Aghanim’s shards gives the Juggernaut more movement speed during blade fury by 100. Also, he can attack a random nearby unit once per second, dealing 75% damage.

2) Bloodseeker

Bloodseeker is the best hero that falls under the melee/agility heroes section in Dota 2, but if you upgrade Aghanim’s scepter and shards for him, he becomes overpowered.

The scepter item grants the hero two charges of the rupture and reduces its cooldown up to 40 seconds. Furthermore, upgrading shards give him 2% bonus damage and heal the blood seeker for that amount.

3) Kunkka
Kunkka hero in Dota 2: Use Aghanim's scepter

Kunkka is also a Powerful melee/agility hero. Again, the Aghanim’s scepter item grants the Kunkka a new ability called Torrent storm that releases a visible torrent in a random area around Kunka once every 0.25 for 5 seconds, stunning the enemy for a couple of seconds.

Whereas, aghanim’s shards upgrade grants the Kunkka a tidal wave, a new ability. This ability pushes the enemy units away from a particular place.

4) Tiny
Tiny hero in Dota 2

Tiny is a hero that falls under the melee/strength section in Dota 2. Aghanim’s item gives more power makes the Tiny stronger.

The Scepter item grants the hero a new ability tree volley that channels the trees throwing towards the enemy units. The purchase of shards gives the tiny third ability no limits of carrying a tree.

5) Zeus

You know Zeus is the Hard carry hero in Dota 2, and the use of the aghanim’s scepter item grants a new ability to the hero called nimbus.

He can cast this ability over all the maps dealing heavy damage, whereas the shards give the bonus damage and movement.