Best X-bow Cycle deck in Clash Royale

Best X-bow Cycle deck in Clash Royale

Which X-bow Cycle deck do you play to climb the ladder of Clash royale Rank? In this article, I will review the best deck for you with X-bow and rocket.

There are different types of decks in the current meta of clash royale players use to climb the ladder in ranks. The most used cards in those decks are the Mega Knight, Valkyrie, Balloon, etc. X-bow is, however, a card you rarely come across in those games.

X-bow is an epic card in Clash Royale, which locks on to a target and shoots it continuously with bullets. It has a range like a mortar but has a high hit speed. It has high health and durability, but it, unfortunately, doesn’t attack air troops.

X-bow is a card you can use either defensively or offensively in CR, but I recommend using it for offense Purposes. X-bow is deadly once it gets locked onto the tower. It can deal a massive amount of damage.

Clash Royale Best Rocket X-bow Cycle deck

The Rocket X-bow cycle deck is a cycle deck of X-bow as the main card and other defensive cards. This deck consists of cards like Knight, Hidden Tesla, Electro-spirit, Log, Archers, Skeletons, and Rocket.

Rocket X-bow cycle deck clash royale

The main offensive card in this deck is the X-bow. The Hidden Tesla is the defensive card you can use against hog riders, royal hogs, ram riders in clash royale. The knight is a semi-tank.

The archers are used for air troops, and the skeletons and electro spirit are used for cycling. The log is used for cycling, and the rocket is used for high health cards like elite barbarians, balloons, etc.

How to play the Rocket X bow Cycle deck

First of all, you need to know what cards the opponent has. You must wait until the perfect time before placing your X-bow; it is not a good idea to put down the X-bow whenever you want.

You must wait until your opponent places down his card, and you know he is out of elixir to play another card against your X-bow.

In the picture below- you can see how my opponent played bowler and prince on the right, so I chose to play the X-bow on the left.

So, You must always place the X-bow in the opposite lane where the enemy put his cards. You can see how much damage I have already dealt. And to counter the bowler and prince, I can use the rocket or the knight first and the skeletons and archers.

Now you will want to place the hidden tesla right by the side of the X-bow so that the tesla can protect the X-bow against other cards that the opponent places. So, You must put the tesla to defend your X-bow.

If the opponent plays a high health card, you can go for the rocket in Clash Royale. While playing the Rocket X bow cycle deck, you need to play defensively until the right time to place the X bow. Once the X-bow locks onto the towers, it can deal massive damage to them.

Rocket Cycle deck is a quick cycle deck in CR with an elixir average of just 3.3; you can cycle back to your card pretty fast.

The only problem with the rocket deck is with the cards like Royal Recruit and a log bait deck. The X-bow Rocket cycle deck is not Popular, but it is one of the best decks to push your trophies in Clash Royale.