Best Decks for Mega Deck Challenge in Clash Royale- TOP 3

Best Decks for Mega Deck Challenge in Clash Royale- TOP 3

Here, I will tell you about the Decks you must pick to complete Clash Royale Mega Deck Challenge.

CR Mega Deck Challenge

A Mega Deck Challenge is an event where players can build a deck of 18 cards with all the heroes in the game, even those heroes they don’t have. These include the rarity of Champion, legendary, epic, rare, and Common. The matches in this mega challenge are Normal but run in Double Elixir Mode.

After a while, the Mega Deck challenge is back again in clash royale on the 16th of April, and for the first time, the player can enter the tournament for free.

The deck challenge is just like the other tournament, where if you lose 3-times, you are out, but you can continue even after you fail 3-times using 50 gems. If you win six times, you will complete the tournament.

There are Awesome rewards for this Mega Deck tournament, like lots of gold, a legendary trade token, a chest key, and a legendary wild card.

Now let’s talk about the deck best suited for the tournament. Since the deck offers 18 slots of cards, and the deck should consist of Spells, buildings, tanky troops, heavy damage dealers, swarm troops, splash damage dealers, and air defense.

You get to choose between all the cards, so that is why you should pick each card carefully. It is the deck I used to get to 5 wins without any losses in clash royale. You should also know how each card works and proper knowledge of how to play; otherwise, it’s no use if you just make the deck.

Clash Royale Mega Deck Challenge

Top 3 Decks for the Mega Deck challenge in Clash Royale

1. E-Giant and Hog Rider Deck

E-Giant and Hog Rider Deck in Clash Royale

The E-Giant and Hog Rider Deck is the best Deck for Mega Deck tournaments, and the winning condition in this deck is the Electro giant, hog rider, and the goblin barrel.

These three cards mainly deal damage to the towers, so you should place them often when available. This deck is best to counter everything in which you can use the Pekka for tanky troops. There are splash damage dealers for swarm like a firecracker, valkyrie, arrows, bomber, and dark prince. Mega Knight is the tank in the deck.

Zap and Electro wizard is the stunners that counter balloons and infernos. You have the Royal Knight, who can deal a lot of damage to the tower, and swarm troops like skeleton army and bats. So, that is why this deck is one of the best decks out there for this clash royale Mega challenge.

2. Ram rider Miner deck

Ram rider Miner deck: Best Choice for Mega Deck Challenge

It is another perfect deck I used for Clash Royale mega challenge matches. This deck focuses more on the defense side, and the only win condition in this deck is the ram rider and the miner.

The Ram rider Miner deck consists of many defenses and counters for the enemies, where the tanky cards are the Mega Knight, the valkyrie, and the Dark Prince. Spells in this deck are poison, log, and the fireball, and the buildings are the hidden tesla and the goblin cage, which are very good cards at defending.

The inferno dragon is there to kill high health cards. The way you play this deck is you keep releasing the spells like fireball and poision into the tower while you defend yours. You can place the ram rider and miner from time to time to poke the tower. Once you defend successfully and the enemy doesn’t have enough elixir, you can attack with all your cards.

3. Log bait deck

Clash Royale Players play this deck often. The cards used in this deck are very good at poking and annoying the enemy player. It consists of cards like the Princess, goblin barrel, dark goblin, firecracker, and the skeleton army, which everyone would love to log. The enemies will waste their spells on your cards, and you can keep annoying them with the other cards.

The tanky cards here are the Mega Knight and the Giant skeleton. The winning condition is, of course, the barrel, goblin drill, and the skeleton balloon.

It is a faster cycle deck with an elixir average of only 3.2. You can keep spamming your troops and poking their tower until you win. However, high health cards can counter this deck, so you must always keep applying pressure on the enemy.

Therefore, I suggest you play the log bait deck in the Mega deck challenge to win those rewards.