How to get more gold in clash royale quickly?

How to get more gold in clash royale quickly?

In Clash Royale, Gold, also called a coin, is an in-game currency by which you can upgrade your cards, buy cards from the shop, or create a clan. Upgrading your cards is recommended if you want to win games, so gold is very important. Here, I will tell you all the possible ways to get more gold in CR quickly.

Best Ways to get more Gold in Clash Royale

Play and win Everyday

Play and win Everyday in Clash Royale to get gold

Every battle in CR gives you some gold for a win, whether in solo ranked or party mode. You can earn up to a certain amount of gold each day before the daily limit hits. Therefore, try to be active in the game every day, play more matches and win to collect gold as a reward fast.

Join a clan

Making gold by playing clan wars in Clash Royale

There are many quick ways you can earn gold by joining a clan. By playing the clan wars, donating cards, and opening clan chests, you will obtain golds than the usual way. Each battle you win will give around 700 gold, depending on the clan’s status, and donating cards will also give you quite an amount of gold fast in Clash Royale for free.

Do not Miss Events

Every once in a while, events are going on in a clash royale. Most of the events have coins as their prizes. You can contest them and get wins to get many coins as a reward. So, one of the fastest ways to earn more coins in Clash royale is completing events.

Level up King and Rank

The more you remain active in the game, the faster you can increase your rank and king level. By leveling up your rank and king, you will obtain different free rewards, such as chests, cards, and trade tokens, including coins/golds.

Open Chests

Opening chests are the most common way to collect gold in the game. Winning battles gives you chests which you should always keep opening to gain gold frequently. You can get rare chests and gold crates, which contain more gold than Normal silver chests and gold chests.

Master the cards

Hero mastery is a new feature added in clash royale just recently. By playing the cards and performing the given quest, you can collect gold as a reward. There are about 100+ cards in clash royale, so you can get a lot of free gold by mastering most of them.

Purchase Battle pass

You can buy the battle pass if you want. It will give a lot of value and gold to you. Even if you don’t have the money, you can get coins by opening the chests from the battle pass.

Try GoldRush events

There are Goldrush events in a while in clash royale where you can earn gold just by simply destroying the enemy towers. Take advantage of this event and get all the gold you can.

So, besides all these tips, I want to say the number one way to have sufficient gold is to stop unnecessarily spending it. I mean, Use your gold wisely.

Only upgrade the cards that you Normally use in your decks. If you use it wisely and save it, you will see unlimited gold/coin in your clash royale inventory in your time of need.