How To Level Up In Clash Royale Fast? 8 Effective Ways

How To Level Up In Clash Royale Fast? 8 Fastest Ways

Clash Royale is a Realtime Multiplayer battle game where you will get some cards to start with and, as you move on, unlocks a lot of cards with their effects. It is a bit hard to level Up in Clash Royale, so I am telling you about my experience to reach your journey faster.

8 Effective Ways To Level up In Clash Royale:

1. Playing Grand Challenges

As per Game Evaluation, you can buy 1000 Gold for 60 Gems in clash Royale. So if you win at least two games in the Grand Challenge, you are guaranteed to get 2000 gold, and if you win more, there is just a bonus for you. So, play grand challenges to obtain extra items that will help increase your level quickly in Clash Royale.

2. Climbing the Ladder

The more you push, the more you get. There are a lot of items that you can get for reaching trophies. If you get 7900 Trophies, you will get all available things.

The best thing is it reset every season so you can again get those items in the next season. Therefore, Those free items can help you to max out your level fast.

3. Buying Royale Pass

The Biggest Value you ever get from the game is from Royale Pass. It unlocks additional 35 tiers with many Special items in Clash royale, such as Books of books from which you can get the required amount of cards to the position of any cards irresponsible of their rarity.

Magic Coins, by which you can upgrade any cards to the next level without spending your gold. And a lot of wild cards of each rarity that you can use to upgrade your cards. These items are helpful to level up. So, purchasing the royale Pass in Clash royale is a fast way to reach max level than others who don’t buy.

4. Completing Special Challenges

Every week, there are at least 2 Special challenges in the game. If you can complete the clash royale weekly challenge, you can get extra golds, cards, wildcards, tokens, chest Keys, emotes, and some rare chests.

So try to complete those weekly challenges for getting items that will eventually be likely to help you for Level Up.

5. 15 wins Global Tournament Reward

If you have 500 gems, you can purchase the Value offer of unlocking 15 perks if you get 15 wins in the Clash royale Global Tournament.

It includes everything worth more than 5000 gems if you bought from a shop, such as Legendary King Chest, 50000 gold, Tokens, Wild cards, and chest Keys. These resources come to Handley to level up to 14 as all those items are rarest and valuable in clash royale.

6. Using Trade Tokens Effectively

If you don’t have enough cards to upgrade, you can take help from your clan members by trading the card. It will help you focus on your favorite cards, and you can upgrade them as soon as always, which ultimately supports you to level up quickly.

7. Playing Clan Wars

Play clan war to level up quicky in clash royale

Clan Wars result depends on your clan performance but allows getting decent gold in training and battle days. If your clan performs best, you might get Special Chests for the top 3 finishing clans as an additional reward.

These rewards are best for leveling up your card collection and overall experience level.

8. Participating in Community Events

The community of Clash Royale is strong and growing. So, many events are happening for rare items and to get a chance for winning a lot of money. So stay connected with the clash royale community on those events to take yourself to the highest level 14.