Amumu Wild Rift: Best Build, Combo, Counter, Spell, Rune & Skin

Wild Rift Amumu: His Best Build, Combo, Counter, Spell, Rune & Skin

Amumu is a tanky or AP champion that you can play in the LoL Wild Rift jungle. He is known to have one of the most game-changing ultimates if he manages to land it on all 5 of the enemy champions.

Not every player plays Amumu due to his weak early game performance. But if you are looking to play this champion, you have come to the right place.

For the early stages with Amumu, you should not be looking for Ganks, and instead, focus solely on farming and trying to get your ultimate as soon as possible. Amumu has the best wave clear, and that is why he can take raptors and golems and wolves very effortlessly. But he struggles with solo jungle camps like group and (both) blue and red buffs.

For Amumu, you max third, second, and then the first ability for maximum utility. Once you get to level 5 and unlock your ultimate, don’t use it to get one kill, as it is not worth it.

You Know, Amumu has a 2 minutes cooldown on his ultimate, and the better utilization is if you lane a 5 man ultimate during an objectives fight which is the first dragon or rift herald.

His ultimate is very easy to land if he hits his first ability. Also, he can flash and ult giving the enemy less time to react. His ult does a 1.5 seconds stun which is game-changing in any Wild Rift team fight as the range is large, and it is almost impossible to dodge.

For this champ, you have to build a semi-tank and Ap as Amumu has a very high AP scaling and will be tanky at the same time.

Guide: All about Amumu build in Lol Wild Rift

1. Amumu Combo

Firstly, use the first ability of Amumu to close the gap between you and your enemy and followed by your ultimate and then second and third ability to give the enemy time as less time to react as possible.

2. Counter and Weakness of Amumu

As I mentioned above, the main weakness of Amumu is his early game jungle Clear speed. Amumu has the slowest early games in the jungle, and the other jungle does everything that he does but quicker.

Since wildrift is a fast-paced game, the jungler who can impact the early game most generally wins the game. To combat this, you should not waste your time on Ganks.

Instead, farm till you get your ultimate body and play for the mid to late game. So, champions like Olaf and Dr. Mundo can counter Amumu in Wild Rift.

3. Amumu Spells in Wild Rift

Amumu Spells

Since anumu is Jungle Champion, the best spells are Flash and smite. Amumu is very reliant on his Flash to land his ultimate.

4. Best Runes for Amumu in Wild Rift

Amumu Runes

Aftershock, Ravenous Hunter, Hunter Titan, and Hunter Genius are the perfect runes you can use for Amumu.

(I) Aftershock
Going aftershock on Amumu is a no-brainer as he is a tanky champ with high stuns.
(II) Ravenous hunter
Since Amumu has a lot of aoe damage ability, he can easily heal himself up with a ravenous hunter rune.
(III) Hunter titan
Hunter titan is a good rune for Amumu as one of his main weaknesses is he is mobile and vulnerable to crowd control and stuns.
(IV) Hunter genius
Since Amumu has one of the most game-changing ultimates, you go hunter genius, so your ultimate is on a lesser cooldown.

5. Amumu Items

LoL Wild Rift Amumu Build

The best items to build Amumu in LoL Wild Rift are Liandrys Torment, Rylais Crystal. The Liandrys Tormends item gives magic damage and tankiness to Amumu, and the Lindrys help avoid enemies. Finally, finish his item with either Full AP or Tankiness, depending on the enemy team.

6. Best skin for Amumu

The best skin of Amumu in WildRift is Infernal Amumu.

Infernal Amumu: Best Skin for Amumu in Wild Rift