Strongest champions in Wild Rift:- Top 10 Collection

Strongest champions in Wild Rift:- Top 10 Collection

If you wonder which are the Strongest LOL Wild Rift Champions, this is the article for you as I have made their list. You will know what abilities these champions carry and when to pick them to dominate the battle.

Top 10 Strongest Champions you should Pick in LoL wild Rift.

1. Garen

Garen is the most powerful and reliable champion in Wild Rift due to his Simple yet broken kit. He is super tanky and has everything you could ask for in a tank. Garen even has a regen passive that is super helpful in the lanning phase. Even though garen is a tank in Wild Rift, he still deals a surprising amount of damage, so if you are looking for something broke, I highly suggest garen.

2. Fiora

Fiora champion in Wild Rift

Fiora is another Strongest champion in Lol Wild Rift that bullies and dominates baron lane. Unlike garen, Fiora takes time to learn, and In the wrong hands, she can seem useless, so I highly recommend you try her in normals before playing her in ranked games. Fiora wins almost every matchup in the baron lane. Even if she is against a hard matchup, she can easily poke from far and farm safely.

3. Olaf

With the importance of crowd control abilities and stuns in Wild Rift, almost every team is full of heavy crowd controls and stuns, and that is where Olaf shines due to his ultimate.

Olaf can easily ignore all sorts of stuns and crowd controls and go straight for the enemy team Carry, making him one of the strongest Jungle champions in Wild Rift.

4. Jax

Jax Champion in Wild Rift

Jax is a really underrated pick in the jungle as he can easily take his jungle camps, objectives, and turrets without much difficulty. He is also very good at 1vs1 fights as almost no one can win him if he has 1-2 full items. He is not like other carry who are easy to kill as Jax is fairly tanky due to his ultimate granting him free status resistance.

5. Zed

Zed is a 1v9 assassin that is played in the mid-lane. He is the best early game champion in Wild Rift due to his insane wave clear and roaming potential. His early game is pretty weak till he gets to level 5. After his ultimate, Zed can one-shot enemy team carry.

Also, in the late game, Zed is a nuisance to deal with due to his great damage and high mobility. So, Zed is considered an overpowered(OP) Champion in the Wild rift, and most players pick him for the rank push.

6. Ziggs

If you like dealing tons of damage from a safe distance without putting yourself in any danger, then ziggs is the mid laner for you. Due to all his ability being long-ranged, ziggs can easily deal tons of damage and poke out the enemy and let his team clean up all the low-health opponents.

So, if you want to Play ziggs, I highly suggest you practice him as all his abilities are skill shots. If you miss all of it, he is useless.

7. Vayne

Vayne is an AD carry that has been picked more and more in the solo queue these days in Wild Rift, and it is no mistake as players are now only starting to see her late-game carry potential. She can easily kite and peel for herself due to her invisibility, and she can kill any tanks easily.

But beware as early game with Vayne is really weak as you have short-range compared to other carry, but once you get 2 or 3 full items, you can easily carry.

8. Ezereal

Ezereal is another Strong AD carry champion in LoL Wild Rift that deals an insane amount of damage in the late game. He can easily carry games when ahead. Just like vayne, his early game is not satisfactory, and he needs to play safe and scale.

But unlike Vayne, he doesn’t have a very weak early game as he can easily get farms from his first ability and poke the enemy down without putting himself in much damage.

9. Braum

Braum: A strongest champion in Wild Rift

Braum is one of the most frustrating support to play against due to his annoying chain cc and tankynes and ability to protect the carry. He’s also Fairly simple to play and use. So if you get auto-filled support, pick Braum and watch the enemy rage against the amount of stuns you provide. During team, fights are sure to peel for your carry and not go for kills even though it is tempting.

10. Nami

Nami, a Wild Rift Champion

Nami is the hardest champion among all these strongest Wild Rift champions on this list. But if you manage to hit every skill, it is almost a free win. The amount of stuns she has is just Great. Nami has good heal and can buff her carry’s damage and a big ultimate to start fights.

So, if you succeed in mastering this Hard champion Nami in Wild Rift, her overpowered(OP) abilities will help you dominate the battle.