How to download APEX legends mobile: easy steps

How to download APEX legends mobile: easy steps

If you are not finding Apex legends mobile in the Play store, I will help you download and install this game with easy steps.

Apex Legends is a free-to-play Battle Royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment in February 2019. This game has the concept of battle royale just like PUBG and Fortnite but with different mechanisms.

Since its release on PC and various platforms other than Android and IOS, Apex has been the best video game. But after the massive success, finally, after 3 years, the mobile version has just been released.

The mobile version(Android and IOS) of apex legends came on the 8th of March 2022, but it is in early access mode and not available in all countries yet.

The beta version of Apex Legends Mobile is available in these countries- Argentina, Colombia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Philippines, and Singapore. If you are not in any of these countries like me, you won’t find Apex Legend Mobile in your google play store.

3 Steps to Download and install Apex Legends Mobile

Step 1

Download a VPN. A VPN is an app that lets you browse the internet through other countries and also keeps your data safe while browsing the internet. Go to the play store and download any VPN. (You can use Power VPN or Quick VPN to install Apex Legends Mobile. But, if you already like another VPN and it has the required country option, you can use it.)

Downloading VPN to install Apex  legends Mobile

Step 2

Open the VPN and set the country to any countries where Apex legends mobile is available. If you don’t find those countries, try downloading a different VPN. I set my country to Singapore now. You will see a notification bar telling you that you are currently connected to the network.

Step 3

Then, go to your google play store. Now, do this- log out from your current google account and log in to your new one or a different google account that is on your phone.

(Note: If you don’t change the account from the current one, Apex Legends Mobile won’t show up in your search.)

Now there, you can download and play apex Legends mobile on your hand device. Once the game starts downloading, close the connection to your VPN. Don’t worry, this won’t stop the download.

After the game has been installed, click on play, and you will get the following window.

Downloading Apex Legends Mobile

After this, the game will load. There will be a cutscene introducing you to the game. And there will be some further downloading.

After all the download has finished, close the game then you need to clear Apex from the background. Turn the VPN on again and connect to the countries available. Then log in as a guest, and the game will teach you how to play. Play the tutorial thoroughly.