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Best video recording apps for android: 3 application without watermark

On high-end android, the video recording apps are not much necessary because of the best processor. Its system application can record any screen without any issue.

However, if you use a system video recorder on low-end mobile, you will face many issues like lagging problems, non-quality video, and sometimes voice mute issues.

Therefore, a good video recorder app is necessary for low-end android phones for capturing the screen, gameplay, tutorials smoothly.

Also, these apps are best for high-end smartphones because the system application doesn’t have the required features.

Use of video recorder apps in android
  • You can use them for research and study purpose.
  • These apps help to save the best events and clips for the future.
  • You can make video tutorials.
  • Also, you can edit videos to make them perfect.
  • Capture live events, video calls.
  • Live stream the gameplay and videos.

Nowadays, the gaming trend is on the top. Either to have fun or by habit everyone play games on the mobile. Also, millions of internet users want to watch live gameplay.

So, you know Youtube, twitch are platforms where millions of users come to watch the gameplay of Pubg mobile, Pubg PC, Call of duty, Free fire, Assassins Creed, GTA, racing games and others. Also, those platforms are the best place to monetize your content.

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And if you are a gamer with resources, you can telecast the game screen to millions of users for more subscriptions and followers.
So, the video recording applications give many features to record the gameplay on those platforms. But if you have content without a better user experience, then you will not succeed. Therefore, you have to install top video recording apps on your phone to get benefits.

And here, we will discuss the free screen recorder application for recording gameplay of Pubg mobile, free fire, call of duty and other games without watermark and other issues.

3 best free video recording apps for android phone

AZ screen recorder

  • Rating: 4.5 stars with +1M reviews
  • Download: 500M+
  • Released on: 2014, Nov 11
Best video recording apps for android

It is the best and most downloaded screen recording app on this list. AZ screen recorder is a stable, high-quality screen recording application for android that help you to capture smooth and clear screen videos.

It has many best features like the screenshot, screen video recorder, video editor, live stream screen without watermark. Also, you will get tutorials for recording video tutorials, video calls, games vide, live shows. So, by using the AZ screen recorder, you can record the gameplay of trending games like Pubg, Free fire, call of duty in high quality- 1080, 60FPS, 12Mbps.
Also, from this tool, you can do other video editing tasks like;

  • Convert video to GIF.
  • Trim videos
  • Remove the middle part of the videos.
  • Combine and add music to the background.
  • Add subtitle, crop, rotate, compress and many more.


  • Rating: 4.7 stars with +3M review
  • Download: 100M+
  • Released on: 2019, May 10
Best screen recorder for android

X recorder will never fail your goal of becoming the best YouTuber. This video recorder app doesn’t have a watermark and record time without a time limit.

It supports recording game screens in the highest quality. You can customize the record screen with adjustable resolution from 240 to 1080p quality and FPS from 15 to 60. X recorder application has varieties of features by which you can:

  • Capture a clear screenshot.
  • Trim video and change speed
  • Record tutorial and games without customized setting.
  • Screen record with face cam.
  • Set a timer to record the screen in perfect time.

Screen recorder

  • Rating: 4.2 stars with +360 reviews
  • Downloads: 10M+
  • Released on: 2015, Nov 18
Best screen recording application

It is another most prefered free video recording tool for android by which you can take a screenshot, record the screen in high quality without a watermark. It is easy and fast to use.

And the ads will not disturb any users. By using the screen recorder app, you can capture mobile screens, games at anytime, anywhere.

The main features of the screen recorder app are:

  • Support multiple languages.
  • Record screen and take screenshots
  • Trim and edit 
  • Insert logo in text and image
  • Day, night theme
  • Internal sound for games from android Q-android 10

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