Best android game booster applications: Top 5 apps for optimization

Best android game booster applications

Everyone plays a game on their mobile phone- Either online or offline. But happier are those who have high-end mobile because they can play any latest games without any problems. And low-end mobile users encounter glitches, freeze, crashes, and high-temperature issues while they play games. The trending games like Pubg mobile, free fire, Call of duty, and Mobile legend has higher system requirement. So, 2GB, 1GB, and 3GB RAM mobile users don’t get satisfaction from the gameplay. However, every problem has a solution, and there are free game booster applications that can optimize the performance of android games.

So, if you play online or offline games on a 1GB, 2GB, or 3GB RAM phone, you need to use the game booster app to get smooth gameplay. In smartphones, many processes, services, and applications run in the background- And they consume the internet, RAM, and battery and cut off the FPS of the running games.

But the game booster can stop all the irrelevant processes and services of android for increasing FPS. It releases enough portion of RAM space for the games.

Therefore, here in this article, you will get a list of the top 5 game booster applications for android.

And by installing one among all, you can increase the FPS for a better gaming experience. I tried all these apps on Readme 9.

5 best game booster applications for android

Greenshark game turbo| Game booster

  • Rating: 4.3 stars with most positive reviews
  • Downloads: 100K+
Top  game booster app for android

This application has both free and premium versions. In the premium version, you can unlock some additional features. The greenshark game booster app clears all the background running apps and focuses only on the game. By using it, you can also optimize memory and network for smooth gameplay. Moreover, from this application, you can check the current temperature of the mobile and the average ping of your network. Most of the user in the review has claimed this game booster helped them to play free fire in high FPS.

Game booster 4X faster free- GFX Tool Bug Lag Fix

  • Rating: 4.5 stars with the most positive review.
  • Downloads: 10M+

It is a free and most downloaded game booster application on android phones. This app has two main features: Boost and the GFX tool.

The boost option performs the function of game optimization by closing unwanted background running services. And From the GFX tool option, you can customize the optimal graphic setting and fix bugs and lags in the game.

Also, you can select a preferred FPS from 30 to 144. And you can choose graphic quality- smooth, balanced, HD, HDR, and Ultra HD.

Furthermore, from the setting, you can enable the RAM boost option for extra optimization. An additional feature is you can measure the network ping.
If you play PUBG mobile on a 3GB RAM phone, you can install it for higher performance.

Game Booster Pro

  • Review: 4.1 with a most positive review
  • Download: 100K+

Another top game booster for android is game booster pro. It is an extremely powerful app that will give you optimal performance while playing online or offline games.

This app closes unused app and tasks and frees up your phone to boost the game. By using the Game Booster pro, you can live stream games on Youtube and twitch.

Also, you can look at your device information- Battery, screen, device, services, and FPS. The gaming mode option on the app removes the power restriction from your device to increase the FPS. If you play call of duty, Pubg mobile on 3GB and 2GB ram phone, then use this game booster for better gameplay.

Game booster| Play games faster and smother

  • Review: 4.5 stars most with a positive review
  • Download: 10M+

It is another most downloaded game booster app on this list that has both free and pro versions.

In the premium, you get additional features- crosshair on-screen and FPS monitor.

You can boost your device’s performance in one touch. It optimizes the CPU, RAM, and other functions for max performance.

It is the best game booster to reduce the lag problem in call of duty, Free fire, Pubg mobile, and other games. Also, it helps to solve the ping issue.

Game booster free power GFX lag fix

  • Review: 4.7 stars with a most positive review
  • Downloads: 100K+

It is free game booster apps that use artificial intelligence to optimize your device for the game.

Like others, it clears RAM by closing all the irrelevant background system tasks for giving you the best gaming experience. You can check system stability and fix the issue by using this app.

And you can use the GFX tool option in the application to set the best graphic level. This game booster is also best to fix the lag problem in the Pubg mobile and give smooth gameplay to the user.

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