Tips to become a pro player of pubg mobile: Hero of the battleground.

pubg mobile battleground fight.

How to become a pubg mobile pro player, any tips?

Yes, there are some ideas to become a hero of the battleground and to get chicken dinner.

Nowadays the trend has been changed, pubg players are increasing day by day. Furthermore, no one has a shortage of high-end device and high-speed internet.

So, the competition has increased among the players.

However, despite the competition, the pubg player has not stopped dreaming to be a pro player.

Therefore, these are basic things you have to consider to become a hero of pubg game:

  • Don’t play in the unstable network area.
  • Set hand on control perfectly.
  • Use headphone.
  • Improve your weapons aim skill to be a pubg pro player.
  • Don’t take the game as a real-life story.

Furthermore, I will give you tips based on my experience to become the best professional pubg player fast. 

Tips to become a pubg mobile pro player.

I know you search for the idea to become a skilled and professional player of pubg mobile. You watch many videos on youtube and read many posts about the topic.

However, in each video and post, you learned mutual things to be a professional pubg player. Meaning the source gave you the same tips. Right?

For example, make the best control, pick up powerful weapons, use the vehicle, take over.

They are right, but simple ideas. You can do all those instruction without learning from others.

But, this blog comes up with new ideas to become a professional pubg player.

Let’s begin.

Don’t be over smart.

Most of the player does an unwanted activity. For example, they use the peek button in an open place and an unnecessary situation. 

But do you know? The peek button is used for the ‘take a cover’ situation and sniping only. Therefore, avoid doing unwanted and risky activities to be the best pro player of pubg mobile.

Make your style.

Do you like to copy other professional players style? To be a hero of pubg, you should not adopt other’s gameplay style.

Every player has a unique way to finish the match. Some player feels easy to play passive, whereas others love aggressive.

So, don’t follow them, think of yourself which is best for you. And make your separate playing identity and make a habit of playing with your style.

It’s not compulsory to play fast, use your idea and skill.

Don’t change your setting.

Most of the player change their sensitivity and control setting frequently. And if you are among those players, it’s your big mistake.

Because after you make a setting, you should play at least 100 TDM matches to set your hands.

Think, what if you change it from time to time?

Furthermore, avoid using the Ipone setting in android because it will not work properly for your device. 

Here is the best setting for androids, if you want.

Boost your figure speed.

To be a pro player in pubg mobile, you should have the skill to move your fingers accurately. It means, avoids unknown movement.

Just focus on learning to;

Speed loot.

Use throwable weapons properly. (cook and cancel)

Use the scope quickly.

Learn to throw items and pick them up as a beg.


When your enemy is in the open area, wait for the perfect timing to give a shot.

However, if the enemy spot you, don’t wait for the timing to take action.

Use your IQ and imagination.

Most of the time, you play the match without using IQ and imagination.

But, you should remember its an online game, and all the player are like you. They have a goal like yours. And they think what you are thinking.

So, use your mind to know their plan. 

For example

If you rush, know which side the enemy is hiding.

Only use the flag grenade after you assume the location of your enemy.

By Rishi

I am excited to tell you more about how I play games.