Across the Obelisk All Characters Tier List

Across the Obelisk All Characters Tier List

This article will make a tier list of all characters/heroes of Across the Obelisk and explain briefly the Top 5 best among them. 

Across the Obelisk is a captivating and genre-defying PC game developed by Dreamsite Games. It intricately weaves elements from Dominion, Dungeons & Dragons, and Magic the Gathering into a Frenetic and highly satisfying gaming experience. So, this deck-building gem offers enough character variety, allowing players to explore diverse playstyles and strategies.

Characters Tier List Across the Obelisk 

TiersAll Character/Heroes List
S Tier Ottis,
A Tier Andrin,
B Tier Cornelius,
C TierSylvie,

Top 5 Best Characters in Across the Obelisk


Bree is the best tactical hero renowned for her thorn-based combat strategies in Across the Obelisk. She can be a valuable addition to the team with a durable build and unique traits. So, Bree has an innate ability, “Spiky,” granting her 2 thorns at the start of combat. Her “Unforgiving Nature” trait inflicts blunt damage, applies crack, and bolsters thorn charges. “Defensive Strategy” enhances resistance and provides a block to all heroes. In addition, “Countermeasures” increases her thorn count, and “Tactician” reduces skill card costs. Moreover, “Stampede” deals damage, applies crack, and offers vitality and thorns. “Command and Conquer” provides block, healing, and benefits for the team. Finally, Bree’s “Queen of Thorns” turns blocks into thorns, and her tireless energy regeneration ensures endurance, starting with the Forest Banner equipment.


Gustav is a scout with a unique focus on song-based abilities, offering valuable support to the team. Although his resistances are relatively low, he excels in cold and mind-based defenses. Gustav’s “Cantor” innate trait gradually accumulates Stanza, enhancing his musical abilities. His “Heavy Metal” trait provides a song-related card that inflicts mind damage, applies insanity, and grants him a temporary buff. “Melodic Rhythm” enhances his healing abilities and regeneration charges.

Furthermore, additional traits like “Shrill Tone” and “Fanfare” improve his performance by increasing sharp charges energy refunds, and offering regeneration to injured heroes. “Ethereal Weapons” empowers his mind-based attacks, and “Gustav’s Encore” provides a regeneration boost and card replication for long spells. With “Wide Sleeves,” Gustav recovers small weapon cards and offers Stanza I to all heroes on their first turn, while “Choir” grants Stanza I to all heroes on his first turn, with Stanza III persisting. Gustav starts his journey with the Jingle Bell equipment, making him a versatile and best support character in Across the Obelisk.


Ottis serves as a vital healer, specializing in damage prevention and sanctification. He is well-rounded. His innate trait, “Shielder,” allows him to heal for an applied “Shield” charges portion. “Praise the Sun” grants him a card for fire damage and sanctification. Ottis excels at building “Shield” charges with “Unwavering Faith” and can amplify sanctification with “Sacred.” His “Solar Flare” card boosts his abilities by drawing cards, dealing fire damage, and applying burns and sanctification. “Reverberation” reduces the cost of “Holy Spell” cards, while “Dome of Light” bolsters shield protection for the entire team. With the Wooden Crosier, Ottis is a crucial support character in the game, ensuring the survival and strength of your party.


Wilbur is a Across the Obelisk mage hero renowned for his unique blend of books and electricity. His innate “Engineer” trait grants Energize to a random hero at his turn. “Circuit Overload” bolsters spark charges and applies sparks to enemies when cards are played. “Skillful” enhances card draw with powerful and fast buffs. “Voltaic Arc” improves spark charges and makes sparks damage enemies. “Scholar” reduces the cost of high-cost cards when playing “Book” cards. “Tesla Coil” unleashes Energize with lightning damage and sparks. “Transcribe” adds inspires and replicates “Book” cards. “Quantum Reactor” boosts spark charges and overall damage, while “Energizer” increases Energize, starting with the Power Glove.


Yogger is a character with a distinctive culinary combat style. With 100 HP, a high-speed rating, and consistent energy gain, Yogger’s versatility shines through. His unique traits include “Butcher,” which introduces food-themed cards to his deck when enemies perish, and abilities like “Pillage” and “Sausage Factory” that enhance his attacks and skills. Yogger’s “Rob” allows him to steal auras, while “Blood Sausage” provides card draw, healing, and vitality, making him a formidable support character. His “Big Bad Wolf” trait bolsters his damage based on HP, and “Dinner is Ready” occasionally shuffles food-themed cards into hero decks. Additional traits like “Feed the Rich,” “Give to the Poor,” “Gorge,” “Gluttony,” and “Three Star Chef” further enhance his culinary combat style, making Yogger a unique and potent character.

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