Shindo Life Ranks & Ranking System Explained.

Shindo Life Ranks & Ranking System Explained.

This article will guide you with the ranks in Shindo Life and how the ranking system works, including Prestige level, Stat and more.

Shindo Life is a popular anime-inspired Naruto-style game. Players can create their own shinobi characters and train them to become powerful ninjas. Players can also collect new bloodlines, weapons and abilities to improve their performance in combat. Explore the world, complete quests, fight enemies and battle. In Shindo life, you can rank up your character, and when you reach the maximum level of 1000, it resets it back to level one but provides you stats boosts and other rewards, making you overall stronger when you level up to maximum again. When ranked up to a maximum, it only resets your stats and XP. Your items, modes, bloodlines and other ninja tools remain constant.

You will get a Spin reward at each rank up, which helps you to get better bloodlines. Bloodlines are abilities you equip to get new powers and perks. The only way to get Bloodlines is to use Spins and obtain one. If you spend 80 Spins, you’re guaranteed a rare Bloodline through a Full Rarity Spin.

Ranks and Ranking System Overview in Shindo Life

Prestige level
All Ranks List
Spins Reward
Stat Boost
Max Stat Level
0F0 (unranked)00
1D1 – D32010005200
2C1 – C32520005400
3B1 – B33030005600
4A1 – A33540005800
5S1 – S34060006000
6V1 – V34260006000
7X1 – X34460006000
8Y1 – Y34760006000
9Z1 – Z347 at Z1, 50 at Z2 Z360006000

Prestige levels are groups of ranks in the Shindo Life, and to reach the next prestige level, you must get to the next letter rank. If you are new and have never increased the rank, then you’re at the lowest of all: F0, with a prestige level of 0. After ranking up 27 times, you will reach the highest prestige level. And you will be legally able to have 6000 stat points at level 1 after getting to the prestige level 9.

Each time you change the letter in your rank, you go up a prestige level, thus obtaining more things. So, every time you level up, you gain stat points, which you can use to increase one of the four stats of your character.

Shindo Life Stats

Explanation of each stat in Shindo Life

  1. Chi: determines both the maximum amount of Chi and Mode energy your character has.
  2. Nin: It is a short form for Ninjutsu, which determines both the damage you deal when using Ninjutsu abilities, damage when using mode moves, and how fast you heal Chi when holding ‘C’. 
  3. Tai: It is a short form for Taijutsu, which determines both the damage of all physical moves and your maximum stamina. 
  4. Finally, HP: It represents health and determines the character’s maximum health and the amount of damage you can block in a single block. 
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