Astra Knights of Veda All Characters Tier List

Astra Knights of Veda All Characters Tier List

This article will make a tier list of all characters/heroes/champions in the Astra: Knights of Veda game.

Astra Knights of Veda is a visually 2D RPG with a rich storyline. The world of Planis is suffering under the shadow of a dark plague brought about by a sinister ritual conducted by the Mad King. In this compelling narrative, you and your fellow Knights of Veda are entrusted with the monumental task of restoring peace and order to a world plunged into darkness.

Characters Tier List Astra: Knights of Veda

TiresAll Characters
S TierArin,
A TierVeleno,
B TierEliyar,
C TierNayan,
D TierIris,

Top 5 Best Characters in Astra Knights of Veda


Arin is the best champion for her mastery of the shadowy arts in Astra Knight of Veda. His Normal Attack, Shadow Slash, is [Blood] and [Darkness] combo to deliver a series of four deadly slashes. The final strike unleashes a shadow-infused sword energy. Her standard move, Death’s Grip is a manifestation of the shadows she commands. Arin channels this power into her hands and releases it as a haunting force, not only dealing [Darkness] Damage but also pulling in and immobilizing her enemies. Those enemies suffer from the Hint of Death effect, leaving them stunned and vulnerable.

However, his Signature ability, The Last Dance, truly showcases her talents. She vanishes into the shadows and reappears, delivering ten devastating blows to her chosen target and nearby enemies. Each strike inflicts [Darkness] Damage, and this is relentless.


Xanthia possesses extraordinary dark magic powers. She unleashes her power through a “Normal Attack” known as “Dark Sphere,” which strikes three bursts of Darkness magic, inflicting [Darkness] Element Damage upon her enemies. Her signature move, “Event Horizon” summons a powerful vortex, known as the Event Horizon, which not only pulls enemies into its centre but also deals [Darkness] Element Damage to those within its range. Enemies caught in its reach suffer from the haunting “Meteors in the Night Sky” effect. Xanthia’s unique ability “Law of Gravity” allows her to create a zone of gravitational influence on the ground, gradually inflicting [Darkness] Element Damage to any enemy who enters its domain.


Albert is a strong and steadfast hero in Astra Knights of Veda. He’s known for his powerful club and his deep connection to the earth. Albert’s fighting style is straightforward, relying on a three-swing “Strong Attack” that deals a combination of [Blood] and [Earth] damage. But it’s his special move, “Glorious Land,” that truly showcases his devotion to the earth. By channelling the earth’s power, he gains the “Earth’s Grace” effect, making his hammer strikes him with [Earth] Damage, all while protecting him. His ultimate move, “The Roar of the Golden Lion,” summons a massive lion statue infused with earth’s power, granting the [Earth Lord] effect to his allies, making them stronger and more resilient in the face of adversity.


Saeya is known for her club and her connection to water-based powers. Her Normal Attack, Holy Judgment involves three powerful club swings, combining [Blood] and [Water] to deal damage. The final strike hits hard but also leaves enemies with the “Stigma of Life” effect. Her Normal ability, Flowing Life allows her to hurl a water-infused hammer at enemies, dealing with Water Damage. Each strike of her hammer grants her Knights the “Virtuous Baptism” effect, while also inflicting the “Stigma of Life” on her enemies. However, it’s her signature move, “Wave of Life,” that truly shines.

Saeya summons a powerful wave of life that travels and deals [Water] damage. Enemies struck by the wave are knocked back and afflicted with the “Stigma of Life” and “Turbulent Waves” effects, making them vulnerable to further attacks. Saeya’s character is defined by her connection to water and her abilities to heal and deal with damage, making her a valuable asset in the world of Astra Knights of Veda.


Sansar is renowned for wielding a greatsword and harnessing the might of light. His Normal Attack, Sword of Light comprises three mighty swings that deliver a combination of [Blood] and [Light] damage. In his Normal skill, The Sun’s Anger Sansar empowers his weapon with the energy of the sun, which then transfers to him in the form of the “Mark of the Sun” and “Fury of the Beast” effects. Simultaneously, he delivers a stabbing attack that inflicts [Light] Damage.

His signature move, “The Wolf of Light,” powerful ability to summon “Narni,” The Wolf of Light, a guardian with the blessing of sunlight. Narni attacks enemies, dealing [Light] Damage, and those struck by this celestial beast experience the “Beast’s Roar” and “Fury of the Beast” effects. Sansar’s character is distinguished by his connection to light and his combat capabilities, making him the best character of any team in Astra Knights of Veda.

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