Super Snail Gear Tier List | Top 5 Best Gears

Super Snail Gear Tier List | Top 5 Best Gears

There are plenty of gears available to equip the snails. These gears have their own benefits, such as increasing attack power, defense, speed, and health. This article will make a tier list of all Gear in Super Snail, mentioning the top 5 best gears among them.

Super Snail is a popular mobile game where players control a snail summoned from a dystopian future to save the world. In this game, players take control of a snail, guiding its evolution and collecting artfacts. Its mechanics encourage strategic thinking, allowing players to unlock new forms, abilities, and challenges as they progress.

Gear Tier List Super Snail

TiersAll Gears
S TierNorris Chucks
Poseidon’s Trident
Big Bounce
Ring Of Paralysis
Traveller Outfit
Oldman Wand
Soul Walking
A TierPower Spinach
Dracula Cape
Million Volts
Golden Drazgul Fang
Hydra’s Gloves
Cretaceous Weapon
District 9
B TierAncestral Legacy
Empress Gloves
Super Warrior
Know- it-all Device
Claw Of Destruction
Centaur Armor
Azazel’s Pact
Lotus Platform XII
Mark IV
Gilded Belt
Empress’ Slippers
C TierAntimatter Shield
Eye of Akamoddo Amulet
Dark Strength
Excalibur EX
Grandpire’s Robe
D TierAgamemnon Outfit
W-tadpole Sword
Incredible Key
Soul Walking
Poseidon’s Blessing
Blair’s Curse
Thunder Belt
The Great Magician

Top 5 Best Gears in Super Snail

Soul walking

Soul walking has the power to be a strong and flexible ability with its impact on zombie form, evidently disregarding DEF by an impressive +12%. So, snails witness remarkable enhancements across their attributes. Like HP receives a substantial boost of 1800, attack power rises by 180, defense is fortifies by 60, while rush capabilities surge by 60.


Fortress gear can greatly enhance your collection of weaponry and tools. It serves as a valuable asset that can significantly improve your performance in competitive games against other players and Adventure mode. When equipped, it boosts the snail’s HP by 600, attack power by 60, defense by 300, and movement speed by 60. The impact of it is a decrease in damage by 9.6%.

Big Bounce

Snails experience a substantial increase in their health points, with a boost of 600, as well as their attack power, which is elevated by 300 using big bounce gear items. Additionally, their rush capability and defense are enhanced by 60. One notable effect of these upgrades is an improvement in critical hit rate by 12% and an increase in critical damage by 12%.

Ring of Paralysis

This gear can immobilize enemies with a probability of 7.2%. It enhances the snail’s health by 600, attack strength by 60, speed by 60, and charging capability by 300. It combines elements like the stupor effect, the eye of Horus, and heavenly wings.

Oldman Wand

The Oldman wand can enhance a snail’s statistics significantly. Its effects include a 600-point increase in HP, a 300-point increase in attack, and a 60-point increase in defense and speed. Additionally, it provides a damage boost of +240 for fire, water, earth, and wind elemental attacks.

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