Idle Survivors All Characters Tier List

Idle Survivors All Characters Tier List

There are many characters in Idle Survivors: Last Stand, each with unique abilities and playstyle, and this article will be ranking them on the Tier list.

Idle Survivors Last Stand is a fun and challenging idle RPG game for Android devices. In this game, players take on the role of a commander tasked with defending their base from waves of aliens and other monsters. You must collect and upgrade heroes, each with their own unique abilities to defend enemies. The game features a variety of game modes, including a campaign mode where players can learn the story of the apocalypse and rebuild the world, a roguelike mode with different levels, and a PvP arena where players can compete against each other in real-time.

Characters Tier List Idle Survivors: Last Stand

TiersAll Characters List
S TierJustice angel
Master Samurai
Steel Captain
Gang Beauty
Sea Thug
Imperial Captain
Madden Musician
Armored Sage
A TierShadow Knight
Party Queen
Outlaw Arrow
Holy Bishop
Blade killer
B TierIron Guard
Bloodthirsty General
Mad Scientist
Plague Doctor
Demon Hunter
C TierBoxing king
Fatal Lily
And all other heroes.

5 Best Idle Survivors Last Stand Characters/Heroes

Steel Captain

Steel Captain is a versatile hero in Idle Survivors who can deal damage, tank damage, and buff allies. He can be ideal for players who want a character who can do it all. Overall, if your team compositions need a tank and a damage dealer, Steel Captain is the best hero for you.

Master Samurai

Master Samurai is a Powerful tank with high damage output, and life steal ability. So, if your team want a frontliner, you can pick him, as he can tank and deal high damage.

Gang Beauty

Gang Beauty is the only healer in the red faction. She is essential for any team that needs to sustain damage. Gang Beauty is best in team compositions that need a healer. She is a great choice for players who want a character who can keep their team alive.

Sea Thug

Sea Thug is a damage-over-time dealer that can deal significant damage over time. He is like a slow and steady damage expert. If you want a hero who can slowly wear down enemies, you must pick him. Also, he is good for players who want a character who can deal massive damage over time.

Imperial Captain

Imperial Captain is a powerful single-target damage dealer. He is a good option for players who want a character that can quickly take down a single target. He is useful in team compositions that need to burst down enemies.

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