Ranking System in My Hero Ultra Rumble with Points

Ranking System in My Hero Ultra Rumble with Points

My Hero Ultra Rumble is a newly released enjoyable game based on the popular anime series My Hero Academia. There are 24 playable characters in the game, each with unique quirks, and a Team of 3 players battle against seven other Teams to be the last standing. We can split the Ranking system in My Hero Ultra Rumble(MHUR) into Individual and Agency rankings. Depending on the nature of the event, each event in the game has its Ranking that can be individual or agency-based.

Individual Ranking in My Hero Ultra Rumble

Individual rank resets every season and consists of two parts:

1. MVP Ranking

It is PvP-ranked leadership, and the points help to advance. You can collect the points by playing ranked matches, and with progress, your rank will jump to new battle ranks such as beginner, amateur, pro, and ace. 

2. Billboard Chart

It is a popularity chart. The player with the highest Likes gets the top spot. You can obtain Likes by playing in a team, impressing others with your skills/powers or broadcasting your banner. Under the customization tab, you can Broadcast your banner. For this, you will have to pay 10 thousand golds per week.

Agency Ranking in My Hero Ultra Rumble

Agencies are groups of players working together to complete challenges and earn rewards. Agency ranking means a ranking of the player inside the club. It serves as a means to evaluate an agency’s overall performance. Unlike individual rankings, agency rankings have different reset times. Inside agency ranking, the Elite agency resets every month, while the Top agency resets every season.

1. Elite Agency Ranking 

It is for the Strongest agency. For this, you need to be one of the Strongest members of your agency and perform well in matches. The top 10 players of each agency are selected, and the game sums up their scores for the overall top of the agency. The ones with the highest scores get to the top.

There are 5 elite Agency Ranks in My Hero Ultra Rumble, and they are:

  1. Rookie League
  2. Advanced League
  3. Elite League
  4. Ultra League
  5. Plus Ultra League
2. Top Agency Ranking

It is for the most active agency. So, showing activeness in games by completing daily and weekly missions, playing matches and unlocking battle passes helps to get ahead. The collection of contribution points tallied from all agency members is a plus point. 

My Hero Ultra Rumble Rank Divisions

There are 4 rank divisions in My Hero Ultra Rumble(Mhur) for the MVP ranking system, and they are as follows with the points required to reach there:

All Ranks and Tier ListPoints Needed
Ace (Highest Rank)126000
Pro I33000
Pro II47000
Pro III63000
Pro IV81000
Pro V101000
Amateur I4500
Amateur II8000
Amateur III13000
Amateur IV21000
Beginner I0
Beginner II1000
Beginner III2500

Rank Rewards

After every season reset in My Hero Ultra Rumble, players get some tokens as a reward based on the rank of the previous season. Here is the list of what you will get in each ranking:

Elite Agency Ranking Reward
Rookie League 10 Roll Tickets
Advanced League20 Roll Tickets
Elite League30 Roll Tickets
Ultra League40 Roll Tickets
Plus Ultra League50 Roll Tickets
Top Agency Ranking Reward
Places 1-10 70 Roll Tickets
Places 11-10050 Roll Tickets
Places 101-50030 Roll Tickets
Places 501-100020 Roll Tickets
Places 1001- 250010 Roll Tickets
Individual Ranking Reward
Place 1-1070 Roll Tickets
Place 11-10060 Roll Tickets
Place 101-50050 Roll Tickets
Place 501-100040 Roll Tickets
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