Noita Perk Tier List | Top 5 Best Perks

Noita Perk Tier List | Top 5 Best Perks

This article will make a tier list of all the Perk in Noita and will mention the top 5 best Perks among them.

Noita is a unique and roguelike action-adventure game developed by Nolla Games. In this game, players step into pixel art, creating a dynamic and highly interactive environment. The game’s standout feature is its complex and realistic physics engine, which allows for a wide range of interactions and experimentation. Players take on the role of a witch who delves into a procedurally generated underground world filled with treacherous enemies, traps, and powerful spells.

The core gameplay revolves around combining different spells, crafting powerful wands, and exploring the game’s intricate and interconnected underground world. In Noita, perks are special abilities or bonuses obtainable by progressing the game. These perks can significantly impact your character’s abilities and playstyle.

Perk Tier List in Noita

TiersAll Perks List
S TierExplosion Immunity, Projectile Repulsion Field, Perk Lottery
A TierMelee Immunity, All-Seeing Eye, Item Radar, Fire Immunity, Oil Blood, Extra Health, Stronger Hearts, Permanent Shield, Concentrated Spells, No More Shuffle, Wand Radar, Toxic Immunity, Tinker with Wands Everywhere, High Mana, Low Capacity, Projectile Duplication, Summon Sädekivi
B TierCritical Hit +, Greed, Gold is Forever, Trick Blood Money, Strong Levitation, Invisibility, Vampirism, Glass Cannon, Extra Life, Electricity Immunity, Teleportitis Dodge, Wand Experimenter, Homing Shots, Unlimited Spells, Gas Fire, Dissolve Powders, Slime Blood, Revenge Tentacle, Plague Rats, Projectile Repulsion Sector, Phasing, Bouncing Spells, No More Knockback, Faster Wands, Extra Wand Capacity, Extra Perk, Close Call, Contact Damage, Healthy Exploration
C TierBreathless, Trick Greed, Never Skip Leg Day, Telekinetic Kick, Repelling Cape, Exploding Corpses, Saving Grace, Mankind is Dead, Levitation Trail, Living on the Edge, Worm Attractor, Enemy Radar, Stainless Armour, No Wand Tinkering, Bombs Materialized, Freeze Field, Revenge Explosion, Revenge Bullets, Feared by Worms, Projectile Slower, Projectile Eater, Homunculus, Electricity, Attract Gold, Extra Knockback on Spells, Low Recoil, Faster Projectiles, Always Cast, Extra Item in Holy Mountain, More Hatred, More Love, Peace with Gods, Kills to Mana, Pinpointer, Personal Plasma Beam
D TierExploding Gold, Teleportitis, Boomerang Spells, Lukki Mutation, Angry Ghost, Worm Detractor
E TierFaster Levitation, Faster Movement, High Gravity, Moon Radar

Top 5 Best Perks

1. Explosion Immunity

The Explosion Immunity is the best Noita perk, which protects your character against explosive damage. It ensures that your character won’t take harm from various sources of explosions within the game, such as explosive spells, enemy attacks, or environmental hazards. This perk significantly enhances your survivability, where explosions are common threats, allowing you to approach explosive hazards. 

It is particularly useful for players who frequently encounter explosive elements or use explosive spells and items. Explosion Immunity opens opportunities for controlled explosions to clear paths, damage enemies, or interact with volatile environmental hazards.

2. Projectile Repulsion Field

The Projectile Repulsion Field perk creates a protective barrier around your character that repels incoming projectiles, effectively providing a shield against enemy attacks. When you have this perk, bullets, spells, and other projectiles that encounter the repulsion field deflect away, reducing the chance of taking damage. This perk is particularly useful for enhancing your defense, as it can help you avoid harm from ranged attacks and hostile spells. Overall, it is a valuable perk for additional protection against enemy projectiles.

3. Melee Immunity

The Melee Immunity provides your character with protection against close-range melee attacks. It makes you immune to the harmful effects of melee strikes on enemies and creatures. This immunity significantly enhances your defense. Also, it allows you to engage in close combat without the fear of taking damage from physical attacks. 

4. Perk Lottery

The Perk Lottery introduces an element of unpredictability and variety to your gameplay. When you have it, each time you pick up a perk, it is randomly selected from the available options in the game. It means that you don’t get to choose your perks in the Normal way. Instead, you are on a unique and unpredictable journey where your character’s abilities are shaped by chance. 

5. All-Seeing Eye

The All-Seeing Eye gives your character the unique ability to see hidden things, uncovering secrets that might otherwise remain hidden. When you have this perk, it reveals Hidden passages, treasures, and hidden traps, offering you an advantage in exploration and navigation. All-Seeing Eye is one of the best perks in Noita for players who enjoy exploring and uncovering the mysterious world. 

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