Dragon City Tier List | All Dragons

Dragon City Tier List | All Dragons

This article will list all the dragons of Dragon City into different tier based on their power and the damage they can do to the enemy.

Dragon City is an ever-evolving game. Having the best dragons by your side is very important for success. We have divided the dragons into 6 tiers ranging from S-Tier to E-Tier. S-Tier dragons are the most powerful dragons. They offer versatility, power and their skill set to conquer the arena.

However, you must remember that you are the master. Without your strategy and game knowledge, you cannot utilize them to your full potential.

All Dragons Tier List in Dragon City

TiersAll Dragons List
S-TierHexed Vampire, Prideful Vampire, High Voodoo Vampire, Blood God Vampire, Usurper Vampire, Greedy Vampire, Dual Perception, Gluttonous Vampire, High Corrupted Time, Envious Vampire, Dracon, Norn
A-TierDual Parliament, Guide, High Seismic, Mecha Mace, High Resolution, Wrathful Vampire, High Master Karma, Pure Titan, Arcana Hierophant, Avant-Garde, Bio-Augmented Vampire, Sinful Vampire, High Crypt Keeper, Corrupted Nature, Primal Titan, Warlock, High Colony
B-TierHigh Commander, High Overlord, High Queen Joadycea, High Whisperer, Durian Dragon, Golden Jupiter, Corrupted Metal, High Void Eternal, WInd Titan, Corrupted Electric, Corrupted Primal, Gatekeeper, High Malicious, Arcana Priestess, Big Heart, Daryl Dragon, Arsonist Dragon, Broodby Dragon, High Scorching, High Seven, Origin Dragon, Spellbinding Dragon, Corrupted Flame, Solar Flare, Statuschaser, Viper Plasma, Vulcan, Arcana Wheel, High Anomaly, High Scale, Neo-Hanzo, Chibi-Churl, Eheray Dragon, High Devastation, Michonne, Ragnarok, Spore Plasma, Steel Arms, Avalanche Eternal, Destroyer Eternal, Flame Titan, High Druid Dragon
C-TierHigh Moon Empress, High Robo, Merchant Dragon, Negan, Shycon, Aladdin, Arcana Death, Arcana Hermit, Ascended Divine, Ascended Oracle, Corrupted Chaos, Corrupted Ice, Corrupted Legend, Corrupted War, Deluge Dragon, Forest God, High Redemption Norn, Rogue, Time Patrol, Forest Queen, Hecatoncheire Eternal Dragon, High Score, High Siren, Incinerate Eternal, Millium Dragon, World Wonder, Arcana Fool, Celestial Wind, Deputroll, Dumpling Dragon, Fae-Fatal, Galestorm, High Famine, High Super, High Treasure
D-TierOnigiri, Quantum Gravity, Tentacle, Whimsical, Youthful, 4eva, Ascended Cosmos, Castle Dragon, Corrupted Sea, High Earthen, High Nest, High Toytown, Samurai, Shield Dragon, Wailing Dragon, Ali Baba Dragon, Burglar Dragon, Emperor Dragon, Fiery Dragon, Genemancer, High Reborn Dragon, Scythewing Dragon, Bling Dragon, Carnival Queen, High Heroic, High Typhoon, Lil Cricket
E-TierPufferfish, Puffin, Quantum Phasing, Rick, Baubleblast, Blacksmith, Cosmic Detonation, Doom Dragon, Eggsodus, High Marauder, Midsummer, Peacock, Redemption Conquest, Dark Commander, Exploranaut, High Reign, Ice Titan
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