Voyage Of Four Seas Characters Tier List | Top 5 Characters

Voyage Of Four Seas Characters Tier List | Top 5 Characters

This article will make the tier list of all the Characters/Heroes in Voyage of Four Seas based on their power and the damage they can do to the enemy. Whether you are a seasoned veteran of the game or a newcomer, this tier list will serve as your guide, helping you make informed decisions, strategize effectively, and chart a course to victory on the open seas.

Inspired by the popular anime series One Piece, Voyage of Four Seas is an adventure game that takes players on a thrilling adventure, offering an opportunity to face challenges and opportunities to explore uncharted waters.

Characters Tier List Voyage of Four Seas

TiersAll Characters List
S TierMarco, Yamato, White Beard, Ivankov, Linlin AKA Big Mom, Kaidou
A TierGear 5 Luffy, Donquixote Doflamingo, Zephyr, Fujitora, Shanks, Magellan, Ashra Zoro, Katakuri, Rayleigh, Hawkins, Sengoku, Sakazuki
B TierDoflamingo, Kuzan, Gem, Arlong, Kaido, Franky, Blueno, Absalom, Kaku, Krieg, Koby, Borsalino, Sentomaru,, Kumadori, Pearl, Wyper, Marianne, Perona, Spandam, Burgess, Cabaji, Kuma, Buggy
C TierMagellan, Moria, Chopper, Hancock, Hannyabal, Kid,, Gunner, Issho, Mihawk, Alvida, Cutter, Tsuru, Nami, Morgan, Enel, Robin, Shielder, Smoker, Teach, Law, Jabra, Sanji, Bege, Fukurou, Tashigi, Zoro, Brook, Jinbei, Katakuri, Bellamy
D TierBon-Clay, Ace, Gan-Fall, Usopp, Vivi, Smoothie

Top 5 Best Characters in Voyage of the Four Seas

1. Garp

Garp is a highly skilled hero and is best in the face of battle. He will knock down your enemy with 400% physical damage, and the percentage will only increase as the character level increases. Garp is hands down the best attacker in the game, as he has the highest damage with the exception of Ashra.

2. Ivankov

Some people might say, why Ivankov? But Ivankov is one of the core builders of the game. Ivankov is a fantastic support unit that makes him a highly valuable character.

3. White Beard

If you are aiming for victory, you have to have White Beard on your team. Why? Because he can give high damage to your enemy. Another reason why he is a good character is because he generates so much rage for your team that when used right with other characters like Garp and Ivankov, your team will become unstoppable.

4. Big Mom

Big Mom can also add to your team to have a significant advantage over your enemy. She is massive, making her the best tank in the game. 

5. Marco

At last, we have Marco. He releases blue flames to heal all your allies by 8%. Along with his healing capabilities and other characters’ damage-dealing skills, you are very close to victory.

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