TFT All Radiant Items Tier List (Teamfight Tactics)

TFT All Radiant Items Tier List (Teamfight Tactics)

This article will make a tier list of all radiant items in TFT(Teamfight Tactics) and describe some of the best among them in brief.

Radiant Items are upgraded versions of existing items in Team Fight Tactics. They are massively Powerful but Very rare. You can obtain them from the Radiant Armory, which appears in the middle of the board every four stages. To use these Items, you must first place it on a Champion. You can use radiant items on any Champion, but they are typically best used on carry because they deal the most damage to the enemy team.

All Radiant Tier List in TFT

TiersAll Radiant Items List
S TierRunaan’s Hurricane
Zenith Edge
Guardian Angel
Thief’s Gloves
A TierGiant Slayer
Infinity Edge
Last Whisper
Night Harvester
Rabadon’s Deathcap
Spear of Shojin
B TierBramble Vest
Dragon’s Claw
Gargoyle Stoneplate
Warmog’s Armor
C TierArchangel’s Staff
Banshee’s Claw
Frozen Heart
Guinsoo’s Rageblade
Hand of Justice
Jeweled Gauntlet
Runaan’s Hurricane
Zeke’s Herald

Top 5 best Radiant items in Teamfight Tactics

1. Radiant Runaan’s Hurricane

This item is extremely powerful on carry champions that deal physical damage, such as Vayne, Jinx, and Zed. It also allows them to attack three targets at once, which can deal a lot of damage to the enemy team and help to win team fights.

2. Radiant Zenith Edge:

This item is also best on carry who rely on attack speed to deal damage, such as Yasuo, Master Yi, and Akshan. It provides with a massive attack speed increase, allowing them to attack more often and deal more damage overall.

3. Radiant Willbreaker:

This item is good for carrying champions that need to be able to control the enemy team, such as Aatrox, Irelia, and Sejuani. It grants them a chance to stun their enemies on hit, which can prevent the enemy team from dealing damage to your own team and make it easier for your carry champion to kill them.

4. Radiant Absolution:

It is good on-carry champions that can sustain damage, such as Draven, Gnar, and Olaf. It provides them with a massive shield and heals them for a portion of the damage they deal, making them very tanky and difficult to kill.

5. Radiant Guardian Angel:

Lastly, this item is great on any carry champion with a lot of burst damage, such as Katarina, Talon, and Ahri. It revives them once they die, which gives them a second chance to fight in a team fight and can help to turn the tide of battle.

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