Dungeon Hunter 6 All Lieutenant Tier List

Dungeon Hunter 6 All Lieutenant Tier List

This article will make a tier list of Lieutenant in Dungeon Hunter 6 (DH6) and explain briefly the best among them.

Dungeon Hunter 6 is an RPG Action role-playing game developed by GOAT Games. In this game, you can craft your own heroic journey by selecting from the iconic Dungeon Hunter classes: Warrior, Assassin, Archer, Mage, and the Boon Sister. Equip and customize your heroes piece by piece, moulding your skill trees to match your unique playstyle and shaping the destiny of your characters.

Lieutenant Tier List Dungeon Hunter 6 (DH6)

TiersAll Lieutenants List
S Tier Ser Charlie, Death Knight, Demonic Wolf, Bridget, Red Protoceratop, infernal Cerberus, Ritualist of Agony, Barbek, Nora, Mountain Giant, Delphyne, Ravager, Terrorfiend, Astarak, Karetta
A TierFrost Colossus, Karwood, Hailburt Alemead, Wilhelm Ironarm, Big Mouth Huron, Roth, Ruins Guardian, Winged Terror, Olivia, Necronomicon, Treant, Agony Interrogator
B TierValen Solider, Wraith, Cabal Hellcaller, Cabal Headsman, Venomous Pterosaur, Harpy, Stonewing Gargoyle, Fiend of Rage, Valen Sentinel
C Tier Skeleton Archer, Skeleton Warrior, Winged Fiend, Fire Wyrmling, Goblin Miner, Goblin Warrior
D TierBlistering Ooze, Bubbling Ooze, Toxic Ooze

Best Lieutenants in Dungeon Hunter 6

Ser Charlie

Ser Charlie wields a mighty sword with exceptional prowess. In battle, he has three powerful abilities. His first skill, Powerful Edge, involves a strike to deal damage to both Hero and Lieutenant enemies while also inflicting an effect called Shield Decay on those protected by shields. This effect weakens their defenses by reducing their Shield Points for a duration of 10 seconds. Furthermore, Ser Charlie’s second ability, Shattering Blow, showcases his skill with the sword as he swings, dealing heavy damage to his target. The damage he inflicts is even greater against foes with lower defenses. Lastly, in his ultimate skill, Pummeler Storm, Ser Charlie spins and wields a broadsword, becoming a whirlwind. In the span of 8 seconds, he deals massive damage to nearby enemies, both Hero and Lieutenant. Also, simultaneously boosts his own defenses by reducing incoming damage for the same duration.

Death Knight

Death Knight stands as a formidable character wielding a hammer and three abilities. Firstly, his Ice Wall attack is a ground move, and it deals 20% Hero damage and a significant 367.5% Lieutenant damage to nearby enemies. Simultaneously, it lowered their ATK by a formidable 30% for 5 seconds. With Heavy Strike, Death Knight swings his giant hammer to strike enemies with 20% Hero damage and a Powerful 361% Lieutenant damage.

What’s more? There is a 50% chance to strip away 20% of their ATK for 3 seconds. His ultimate ability, Field of Specter, summons a supernatural field that empowers all allies by enhancing DMG Reduction by 20%, ATK by 20%, and Crit Chance by 30% for 10 seconds. Additionally, it grants invaluable Invulnerability to all allies for 3 seconds, making Death Knight an indispensable character known for his ability to deal devastating damage and protect his comrades on the battlefield.

Demonic Wolf

The Demonic Wolf’s Wolf Tail attack involves wielding his tail as a lethal weapon in Dungeon Hunter Six. Again, it delivers a strike that inflicts 20% Hero damage and a remarkable 571.5% Lieutenant damage upon his allies. To further damage his enemies, this assault induces a bleeding effect for 6 seconds, causing an additional 100% Lieutenant damage per second. With “Wolf Claws,” he harnesses his clawed might to strike enemies with 20% Hero damage and a formidable 312% Lieutenant damage.

What sets this ability apart is that the lower the target’s HP, the greater the damage inflicted, with the potential for a staggering 100% increase. In his daring “Wolf Pounce,” Demonic Wolf showcases his agility. It leaps upon his enemies with 20% Hero damage and an astounding 1097% Lieutenant damage. As with his other abilities, the lower the target’s HP, the more devastating the impact, with the potential for a formidable 100% increase in damage.


Bridget’s first ability, Exorcism Bolt, Bridget channels power into a colossal projectile, dealing 20% Hero damage and a substantial 418.5% Lieutenant damage while reducing the enemy’s DMG Reduction by 30% for 6 seconds, making her enemies more vulnerable to damage. In “Swift Bolt,” her agility and precision shine as she uses a small crossbow to release rapid, accurate shots, inflicting 20% Hero damage and a noteworthy 247% Lieutenant damage. Moreover, her “Fire Crossbow” skill fires three shots that deal 20% Hero damage and 934% Lieutenant damage. Additionally, these shots carry a 30% chance of lowering the target’s ATK SPD by 20% for 8 seconds, disrupting their combat effectiveness.

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