Anime Adventures Character Trading Tier List

Anime Adventure Character Trading Tier List

In this article, we will be making a tier list based on the trading value of the character in Anime Adventures, which can be helpful to players to get better offers and progress more into the game.

Anime Adventures is a popular role-playing game on the Roblox platform that allows players to immerse themselves in an anime-inspired world. In this game, you can create and customize your character, embark on quests, battle various creatures and bosses, and interact with other players in a virtual anime universe. The game often features anime-inspired content, including character designs, abilities, and storylines. Players can choose different classes and playstyles, making it an engaging experience for role-playing games and anime fans.

Character Trading Tier List Anime Adventures

S TierDio, Future Guhon, Blue Devil, Gold D. Roger, Android 21, Zabuza, Emilia, Homura, Tobi, Skull Knight, Hie, Saiki K
A TierBoros, Lelcouch, Jelly, Kuma, Gin, Unohana Mamy, Doflamingo, Power, Erza, Merlin, Kisuke, Piccolo, Poseidon, Boa, Rayleigh, Kenshin, Kimimaro, Temari, Kozu, Shisu, Ria, Harribu, Angel, Bombietta, Issai, Daki, Esdeath
B TierNejire, Growther, Jin Mori, Isagi, Healthcliff, Yoshino, Inuyashu, Aki, Tasumi, Geto, Madoka, Chainsaw, Buggy, Ippo, Perona, Sayaka, Minato, Roshi, Koneko, Klein, Kyoko, Avdol, Todoroki, Weather Report, Brook
C TierAce, Carrot, Mirko, Ai Hoshino, Debji Secret, Haku, Navi, Veko
D TierIchigo, Renji, Geten, Nightmare Luffy, Shinji, Mecha Frieza

Dio Over Heaven

Dio Over Heaven, known as Dio in the game, is a Secret Limited Character. So, he wields incredible powers and can deal massive damage with his primary attack, the Magic and Light damage types. His Special ability, “This is… The World over Heaven!” allows him to stop time for an impressive 20 seconds across the entire map, including the wave timer. This unique power can be harnessed to your advantage, particularly against formidable high-HP enemies. However, it’s important to note that this ability comes with a substantial cooldown of 6 minutes, requiring proper use.

Future Guhon

Future Guhon, a Mythical unit, this character shows impressive traits and abilities in the game. With a deployment cost of 1,500¥ and a total cost of 48,750¥, Future Guhon boasts considerable potential with up to 8 upgrade levels and a spawn cap of 5. As a Ground-type tower, Future Guhon’s damage is of the Magic type, making him a great asset on the battlefield. Future Guhon’s attack is of the AoE (Circle) type, with a range that increases from a 6-radius circle to an 8-radius circle as he levels up. His damage output also scales significantly, ranging from 100 to 1,200. While his attack rate starts at 8, it gradually decreases to 6, and his range extends from 16 to 27.

Blue Devil

Blue Devil is a Mythical unit that takes inspiration from Rin Okumura, the prominent character in the anime Blue Exorcist. This character brings a unique blend of abilities and spirit to the game’s world. With a deployment cost of 1,400¥ and a total cost of 44,550¥, You have the potential to enhance this character through 8 upgrade levels, and he boasts a spawn cap of 5. As a Ground-type tower, Blue Devil inflicts Magic and Fire damage on his adversaries, making him a versatile choice.

Blue Devil’s attack style is characterized by an AoE (Cone) pattern with an angle of 50 degrees. As he evolves, his attacks can increase an impressive 9.5-radius circle, ultimately expanding into a full area-of-effect blast. His damage output ranges from 90 to 1,000, and he exhibits a dynamic attack rate, starting at 8 and reducing to 6.5. His range extends from 17 to 20.5, ensuring effective coverage on the battlefield.

Gold D. Roger

Roger is a Secret Limited unit, and this character holds a unique and powerful presence in the game, with a deployment cost of 1,750¥ and a total cost of 47,750¥. He offers potential within your roster. Roger can evolve into the formidable Roger (Pirate King), utilizing Specific materials. As a Ground-type tower, Roger inflicts Physical and Fire damage, making him a versatile choice on the battlefield. His attack pattern involves an AoE (Circle) type with a radius of 8 and 3 hits. As he advances, the radius expands to 9, delivering devastating attacks. Roger’s damage output ranges from 1,000 to a staggering 9,000. His attack rate starts at 7.5 and subsequently settles at 7, while his range extends from 16 to 25.

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