How to make armors in Minecraft for surviving longer?

armor in Minecraft

The health bar is the most necessary thing you need to consider while fighting with the mobs in the Minecraft game. If more than three enemies attack you once, you will not know when the ’10 red hearts’ become empty. Therefore, before you go for mining, you need to be well prepared – Take a strong sword to kill enemies, a pickaxe to collect recipes, and a set of armors to survive longer from Mobs in Minecraft.

Like other equipment and weapons, you can craft a set of body armor for extra health protection.

The full set of armor in Minecraft includes:

  1. Helmet
  2. Chestplate
  3. Leggings
  4. Boots

And by using all armor, you can survive longer during the mining work in the game.

Here’s how to craft a set of armors in Minecraft:

To make a full set of armor requires altogether 24 pieces of iron or gold or diamonds.
Helmet = 5 pieces
Chestplate = 8 pieces
Leggings = 7 pieces
Boots = 4 pieces

How to make a helmet in Minecraft?

The iron helmet gives you +2 armor in the head. But if you have gold and diamonds, you can make a stronger helmet. So, to make it, place 5 iron in the crafting table as shown in the ‘picture‘:

How to make a chest plate in Minecraft?

The iron chest plate gives you +6 armor in the body. If you have gold, diamonds, or iron, place them on the crafting table like in the ‘picture’ to craft a chest plate.

How to make Leggings in Minecraft?

How to make Leggings in Minecraft? A photo

The iron leggings give +5 armor in the legs. Also, you can make gold or diamond leggings if you have them. So, you can craft a legging by placing 7 pieces of iron in the crafting table like in the ‘Picture’:

How to make Boots in Minecraft?

Boots give you additional 2 armor on the feet. Open your crafting table and place 4 iron or diamond or golds like shown in the picture to craft boots.

How to make Boots in Minecraft? A photo

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