How to make a shield in Minecraft to defeat skeleton?

Shield in Minecraft

The mobs in Minecraft wait for you in every step to send you back to respawn point. And you know once they detect you, they will not leave you until you don’t escape or die or kill them. However, ‘escaping’ from the trap of the mob is only imagination- Right?
Also, going back from then is not a solution because all the high-level recipe lies in their home. Therefore, without any other option, you have to defeat them. For that, you can attack creepers, zombies with your sword, but what about skeletons. They come with a bow and arrow and attack you from a distance. In that case, it requires a shield to stop the arrow of the skeleton in the Minecraft game.

The shield can protect you from the attack of the skeleton. And also, it sends the arrow back to the enemy if you use it properly. If all the enemy is far from the reach, then the shield works smartly. So, let’s know how to craft a shield in Minecraft to defeat skeleton effortlessly.

How to craft a shield in Minecraft?

The steps for making a shield and finding resources for it is not difficult. You only require six wood planks of any tree. And a piece of iron.
Firstly, cut some trees and make 6 planks by using a crafting table.

Secondly, find an iron block. To get iron ore, enter inside a cave and go a bit deeper. You will get enough.
And melt the iron ore block by using coal in the furnace.

Melting Minecraft iron ore in furnace

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Now, you have all the recipes to build a shield in Minecraft. (6 planks, 1 iron)

Finally, place the wood planks and iron, as shown in the picture. The shield will be ready for use.

How to make a shield in Minecraft? A photo

The shield is to stop the arrow of skeletons. They don’t attack you with their hand and take some seconds to fire. And when they take the time to fire an arrow, attack immediately and kill the skeleton easily in Minecraft.

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