Best game booster software for PC to optimize performance

Best Free game booster software for PC

I have used the game booster software to optimize the performance of the PC games that I have mentioned in this article. It is based on my experience.

Nowadays, video games are becoming the best friends of people. Either online or offline. As a result, the gaming market has dramatically increased in comparison to the past. However, the bad news for low-end device gamers is they are struggling to get a better gaming experience because of higher system requirements. The PC games that developed after 2010 require powerful processors and RAM to run without crashes, freezes, or loading problems.

But there is some game booster that can increase the performance of the PC game even though in 4 GB ram.
So, here is the list of free game boosters that I installed to increase the FPS of some computer games.

4 best free game booster software for the PC

Razer cortex

This is the Best game booster software for PC for playing Pubg and fortnite

I would not hesitate to tell you it is the top game booster I have ever used- If you play PUBG PC, then this game booster is best for you- Not only Pubg but also Fortnite and others.

The razer cortex gives you the option to customize your preferred FPS to generate a set of specialized and optimized game settings.

Its function increases the performance of online and offline PC games by freeing up resources and memory.

Its system booster option lets you boost gaming performance by streaming games and applications. It stops all unwanted background apps and processes for increasing the game’s FPS.

While playing the rise of tomb raider with 4 GB RAM, I used Razer cortex game booster software and got a good impression. It increases the FPS of the game by 6%. You can free up RAM by 25% using this application.

Smart game booster 5.2

Another free tool for boosting PC games is smart game booster 5.2. This game booster is the best tool to release memory by more than 20%. Furthermore, its ‘can I run it option give you detail of the system requirement of all the games up to 2021.

  • You can clean your system.
  • Update your driver from the software.
  • Also, you can use system tweaks, game defrags options to boost the performance of computer games.

Wise game booster

It’s is also a free PC game booster software that I used three years ago while playing Far cry 4. The wise game booster has three options to increase the performance and FPS of the game- system optimizer, process optimizer, and service optimizer.

Those features will optimize your system by closing all unwanted system programs.

Furthermore, by process optimizer, you can terminate the high memory usage process to boost game speed on your PC.

And the software closes all irrelevant services while you launch the game and give you a higher FPS. And by using a wise game booster, you can release more than 20% of your memory and get 5+ more FPS.

MSI afterburner

The MSI afterburner is made to customize your graphic card for the optimization of PC games.

It works differently than other software to provide the highest level of gaming performance.

It is a graphic card software that lets you monitor your hardware in real time on any card.

With the help of MSI afterburner, you can set the power limit and temperature limit of your hardware. Also, it lets to customize the core clock and memory clock of the PC.

And by doing so, you can do experiments which limit the game works smoothly.

Just customize different settings in all slots and try what works best for you.

And another feature is you can take screenshots and capture videos while playing games in .bmp, .png, and .jpg format.

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