How to make more than 10 dollars from the clipclaps quickly?

earn more than 10 dollars from the clipclaps quickly

Yes, you can earn more than 10 dollars quickly with the clipclaps application.

Clipclaps is the best app in the store to make real money within a month.
The app has a 4.2-star rating and over 10M downloads.
So, the positive rating and downloads show that the clipclaps application is not a scam. And, I have 10.38 dollars left to redeem from the clipclaps game.

Do you think it’s boring and difficult? No, the different games and mind-blowing videos have made the clipclaps more entertaining.

Benefits and features of clipclaps

With the clipclaps money, you can purchase online game items like Pubg UC, Free fire diamonds, Mobile legend diamonds, Pubg lite BC and many more.

After making more than 10 dollars in clip claps, you can redeem them on your Paypal account.
Alternatively, Purchase the google gift card to buy game currency using the clipclaps dollars.

But in the case your location doesn’t have a PayPal service, you can redeem money on your mobile sim card.

  • Open the Clipclaps application.
  • Tap on your earning dollar.
  • Select the mobile recharge option.


  • Select your country.
  • Type your phone number.
  • Confirm!

So, the aim of writing this blog is to share ideas to earn clipclaps money fast.

How to earn 10 dollars in the clipclaps application fast?

Don’t miss spins and a Roll spin.

From the spin, you can earn many clipclaps app golds and raffles for exchanging with real cash.
1000 golds = $0.01

Therefore, keep spinning from time to time. Also, every week clipclaps games give you a ‘mega spin’ chance. And, From the mega spin, you can make from $0.01 to $5.00 which depends on your luck.

Mega spin = One spin weekly
Luck spin = 1 spin in every 5 hours

Furthermore, recently the clipclaps has added another feature called ‘roll spin’ in its new update. And the roll spin is the best way to earn lots of coins in the clipclaps easily.

So, roll the dice like you do luck spin.
Mega roll = 1 chance weekly
Luck roll = 1 spin every 4 hours (6 times a day)

So, what should you do to make money from clipclaps? Just make the routine of opening the application, and don’t forget to spin and roll.

Watch more videos and upload your story.

You can upload and share your stories for getting more ‘clipclaps claps’. The claps are the best feature to make more coins in clipclaps. Also, watch others’ videos and get more and more clip-clap chests filled with coins and raffles.

If your luck supports you, then you will get clip-clap raffles in every chest opening. The raffles have a high chance of getting real cash. If not, then other benefits. So, I suggest you share more and more videos. Because the Clipclaps application has more than 10 million active users to get more claps.


So, those are the quick ways to earn $10, $15, $20, $30, $40 and $50 dollar in clipclaps.
Besides all, you can make some more dollars by playing the coin cat game, aquarium. But, I feel them boring because they are long term.

Don’t rely on the cash prize from the clipclaps raffles because it will take a year to earn 10 dollars.

Instead, try to earn more and more clipclaps coins to invest them for double the return. And later exchange coins with money.


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