The best application to earn money online: Clipclaps app.

clip claps money earn application.

You will get a variety of real money earning apps on the internet. However, some of them are the best application to earn online money. Whereas others are fake. I don’t know what happened with others, but my favorite money earning android apps doesn’t disappoint me. It takes about time to redeem the amount but don’t upset the users. Yes, I am talking about the Clipclaps application, a trusted online application for earning real cash. By using this app, you can make at least 100US dollars in 7 months.

Longer-term but trusted! After you make the redeemable amount, it will pay your money, either on PayPal or direct mobile recharge.

How to earn money online using the clip claps application.

earn money online using the clip claps
earn money online using the clip claps

The apps will add balance by two methods. Directly the balance will be added by complete activity. By earning the clip claps coin and exchange them with real money. And there are many ways to earn clap claps coins like:

Watch and upload

You can earn coins and RAFFLE by watching the video for 30 seconds. Also, you can upload your interesting videos to get more clipclaps coins from the claps.

To upload video:

  • Go to your Profile.
  • Tap on the upload video option.
  • Select your best video file in less than 30 seconds.

Play inside games

In the clip clap apps, you will get some interesting money earning games like;

Coin cat: Earn more coins by increasing ketty level and coin cat spin.

Aquarium: It’s fun to play the clip clap aquarium game. Only you have to nourish fish and feed them to increase their value. Sell them. It’s long-term but the best source to earn online real money from the clipclaps application.

Scratches: It’s the lucky draw method. Invest your earned coin for luck draw and earn double coins. But beware, it’s a bit risky way. It’s speculative. No guarantee.

Spin: Spinning is the best source to get more clip claps coins, real cash, and raffle box in the clip claps app. But you can only spin for 6 times in 24 hours. And don’t miss to spin mega every week. Earn a maximum of 1 dollar from the mega spin.

Clip claps RAFFLES

Riffle is another way to earn real money from the clip clap application. Collect more raffle cards to stretch your raffle Jackpot. Types of the raffle are;

  • 1$ reward
  • 10$ amazon coupon
  • 10$ cash

To get more raffle in clap claps, you can spin, watch the video, invite your friends and exchange it with gold.

Add your friends

By adding your friend to this app, you will get more real online money. To add your friends,

  • Go to profile
  • Go to my friend option.
  • Click on add friend option and scan your friends.

From this method, you’re a play acquired with a friend whom you invited.

Financial plan

The coin you earned in clip claps is used to exchange with real dollars.
So, you can earn more coins by investing them for future returns.

It’s along the tern way but the best way to earn through apps without a risk.

How to invest in coins?

  • Tap on your coin on the top screen.
  • Tap on buying more.
  • Now, you can invest your coin. Invest as much as you can.

Here are the investment returns;

Investment coinReturnsDuration
5000550024 hrs.
400060007 days
60001080014 days
60001500030 days

After you collect more and more coins, exchange them with the real dollars. And when you reach the redeemable amount. Request for the payment. either in a PayPal account or in the mobile(SIM).


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