How to fix the high ping problem in pubg mobile? Without a VPN.

best pin in pubg mobile.

You know, the high internet ping creates a problem to play pubg mobile smoothly, so let’s fix it.

Every player wants to get chicken dinner, but the weak internet disturbs them to get it.

The problem created by high ping is

  • You get killed in cover.
  • It’s difficult to fight with the opponent.
  • A high ping problem creates different types of glitches in pubg mobile.

If you are a player who is searching for tips to solve the high-ping problem for pubg mobile, then let’s continue.

How to fix the high ping problem in pubg mobile
How to fix the high ping problem in pubg mobile

Before starting, let me say that;

Sometimes with some players happens a high ping problem. Last time I also had the same problem.

But if this issue happened with every player in your area, wait for the official’s solution because sometimes it happens to the down server of your mobile data and wifi.

Otherwise, if you are the only person who is getting this problem, then here are some possible solutions and reasons.

Here is how you can fix the high ping problem in pubg mobile.

Here I’ll not suggest using any VPN or third-party apps to solve the high ping problem for the Pubg game. Because some VPNs creates unwanted problem within your device and game performance.

And don’t forget only a weak internet connection increase the ping while playing PUBG.

Therefore, these ideas will help to improve the internet ping.

  • Running something

Do you use other online applications besides pubg mobile? The online application consumes your internet by running on your background. As a result, internet ping increases while you play pubg mobile. Therefore, remove those unnecessary apps to reduce the high pin.

Also, data-consuming applications like youtube, Facebook, and Whatsapp, are pre-installed apps. And those apps automatically run in the background while your device is connected to the internet.

So, manage those applications from your mobile setting. Turn off the background data of all internet-consuming applications.

It’ll surely fix your high MS problem in pubg mobile.

  • Best location

Sometimes the playing location can affect your internet ping. Someplace have high ping, whereas others have stable internet speed.

So, you must search for the low ping area in your home. And play your favourite PUBG mobile in the location with low ping.

  • Use gaming mode 

On the latest device, you’ll find a pre-installed game booster application.

So, don’t forget to use a game booster or game turbo. It’ll increase game performance and reduce lag.

If your game is not lagging, then the game booster will make the internet ping low.

  • Make stable graphics and frame rate.

Do you play your game in the high graphic? If you do, then your quality is consuming the ping and making it high.

To make the internet ping low for pubg, make your graphic and frame rate smooth.

Select the best graphic setting according to your device’s capacity.

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