How to get on a mission title on pubg mobile? A guide.

photo of on a mission title in pubg mobile.

On the pubg mobile, there are different types of a title as weapon master, well like, overachiever, warehouse, partner title and many more. Among all those titles, the player wants to achieve a mission title on pubg mobile as quickly as possible.

let me know to get the title.

Everyone dream is to get it. Because this title is unique and precious to others. Another thing is only some customer players have this title.

A mission title is a mythic title on pubg mobile. And to get the pubg mission title easily, you need full information about it.

 For example,

How to get the mission title on pubg mobile?

 What types of missions should you complete to unlock everything? And many more.

So, we will discuss everything about the mission title and tips to get it fast.

Here, is a guide to get on a mission title quickly in pubg mobile.

To get this title, you must complete six types of mastery, and they are:

  • ASSAULT mastery V
  • SMG mastery V
  • MALEE mastery V
  • SHORT mastery V
  • SNIPER mastery V
  • PISTOL mastery V

And by completing that mastery, you will get on mission title and 5 premium crates in each mission.

And to get information about the program on your mission.

Go to the mission.

Go to achievement.

And go to match achievement and complete it.

Now, here is what you should do to complete mastery of the mission title in pubg mobile.

ASSAULT mastery V

To complete it, you need 2000 kills with an AR gun in classic matches. (M416, GROZA, trrM249, AKM, FAMAS and sets.

SMG mastery V

Kill 2000 enemies with SMG like UZI, VICTOR, and P90. And complete SMG mastery to get on mission title fast on pubg mobile.

MELEE mastery V 

Complete it by killing 200 enemies with weapons like Sickel, pan, crowbar and machete.

SHOT gun mastery V 

To complete SHOT gun mastery V, you need 1000 kills with a short gun like S686, S18G7, S12k, DBS and M1014.

SNIPER mastery V

You should kill 1000 enemies with a sniper rifle (not bolt action) like SKS, MINI14, VSS etc.

PISTOL mastery V

To complete pistol mastery V, you need 200 with pistols like P92, P1911, M18C etc.

But among those missions, pistol and melee mastery are hard to complete.

But here are the tips to complete them:

Don’t kill bots with AR and SMG. Because those guns are powerful and are made to use for real enemies. So, if you want to killbots, don’t use AR and SMG. Instead, use a pistol and a male.

Otherwise, you can use AR and SMG for knocked enemies.

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