Weapon master title of Pubg mobile: Easy way to unlock.

Weapon master in pubg mobile.

The weapon master is another legendary title of Pubg mobile after ‘on a mission and ‘chicken master’.

To unlock the title requires a higher level of skill than a pro player has.

Still, if you don’t have the Pubg weapon master, you will get some tips to get it fast.

How to get Pubg mobile weapon master title?

To grab the weapon master, you should complete 6 missions:

  • Eliminate an enemy with vehicles.
  • Kill an enemy with throwables.
  • Kill an enemy with the sniper rifle.
  • Eliminate an enemy with an assault rifle.
  • Eliminate an enemy with the shotgun.
  • Kill an enemy with SMG

And you have to complete all those 6 missions in a single classic match. So, most player feels difficulty finishing all tasks in one mission.

Therefore, here is the easy way to complete 6 missions easily to get a weapon master title.

Focus on bots

The bots are easier to kill because they are less powerful and skilled. Therefore, you should kill at least 2 or, 3 bots to kill them for getting weapon master in Pubg.

a harder to an easier one

Among 6 missions, some are easy to complete. Whereas others are a bit difficult.

Therefore, you should try to complete the missions from a harder to an easier one. For example, AR, SMG and sniper rifle missions are easy.

But the vehicle, shotgun, and throwable guns missions are a bit harder.
So, start from the difficult one by targeting the bots.

Play with buddy

If you play single in the battleground, there will be a high chance of getting killed before getting the weapon master title.

And It’s difficult to complete all the missions in one match, right? Therefore, it’s better to play with your buddy.

If you don’t have a suitable vehicle and weapon during the match, your friend will support you. You will get the necessary loot during the need.

Knock finish tip

It’s a useful point.
If you play in squad mode, you know the enemy will not die directly. Instead, they will get knocked.
In that situation, you should finish the knocked enemy with only the mission-required weapon.

For example, you completed all the missions related to the weapon master, but one is left.

Suppose it’s the ‘eliminate an enemy with an assault rifle’ mission.
Here, you can knock your enemy with any other weapon, but you have to finish with an only assault rifle to complete the task. It will be counted.

However, for the mission ‘eliminate an enemy with throwable’, you should only use the grenade. Other weapons will not be counted for the throwable mission.

And remember, you have to survive till the match ends after you complete all 6 missions to unlock the weapon master title in PUBGM. Don’t quit the game and ‘survive till the end.

Also, your rank should be on the platinum tier or above it.

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