How to get more weapon XP cards in CODM (CoD Mobile)?

Double weapon Xp card in CODM

Every time you upgrade your weapons, their new attachments unlock in the gunsmith section. Also, it’s necessary to level up the guns if you want to beat your opponents quicker. So, the use of ‘weapon XP cards’ is to upgrade the level of weapons in the CODM.

You know the attachments boost the ability of the weapon by increasing damage, rate of fire, control, accuracy, and mobility. However, without a weapon card, it will take a long time to make the weapons powerful.

How to get more weapon Xp cards in call of duty mobile (CODM)

1. Checkout seasonal missions

Claim weapon xp cards in from the seasonal missions in CODM

In every season, CODM brings new objectives for the players. So, if you complete those tasks, you will get XP cards and many other rewards. Also, sometimes, you will get double weapon XP cards for free as a reward in CODM (Call of duty mobile) by completing seasonal missions.

In the seasonal section, you will get these kinds of missions:
(I) Kill 30 enemies with Martyrdom perk equipped for 10 XP cards.
(II) Play 5 MP matches for 5 cards.

Therefore, check out the seasonal missions and complete the given tasks to get more weapon cards as a reward.
(I) Go to the event section.
(II) Tap on the seasonal option.
(III) Start the missions by tapping on the ‘go’ option.

2. Request your friend to send the cards

Do you know a player can send 10 weapon Xp cards to his 10 friends every day? So, If you have best friends on your list, request them to send you the cards. For example, if you have 20 loyal partners, you can claim 20 XP cards every day.

Steps to send cards to friends:
(I) Go to the friend section.
(II) Tap on freind option.
(III) Tap on XP to send the weapon cards.

And to receive the cards:
(I) Visit system mail.
(II) Tap on Friend mail.
(III) Claim the cards.

3. Visit the monthly login calendar section.

The monthly login calendar is another place to collect XP cards for free. From this section, you will get more than 50 weapon XP cards in a month for free on call of duty mobile– Go to the event, go to the daily option and visit the login calendar to claim the reward.

4. Daily mission

Every day you will get six objectives in the daily mission section. And if you complete those tasks, you will get different rewards with some weapon cards. So, complete the missions every day.
(I) Go to the event section.
(II) Tap on Daily.
(III) Tap on the daily mission option and complete the tasks.

5. Upgrade rank

Increasing the ‘game rank’ is also the best way-Whenever you move to upper rank, you will get some weapon cards. If you reach the Legendary from Rookie, you will make more than 150 free weapon XP tokens in CODM(Call of duty mobile). Therefore, keep pushing your rank.

6. Spend credit points

How to get more weapon XP cards in CODM?

You can also purchase a weapon XP card from the store using your credit points. So, to buy the cards:
(I) Go to the store.
(II) Trap on cards option.
(III) Select the type of XP card you want to buy.
(IV) Tap on the C option.
(V) Fill in the no. of cards you want and purchase it.

The XP card with 500 weapon points costs 160 credits per card. Similarly, it cost 15 C points to purchase the card of 100 points.

How to level up weapons in CODM(Call of duty mobile)?

After you collect a lot of weapon XP cards, you can use them to upgrade your guns and weapons in CODM using these steps:
(I) Tap on the loadout option.
(III) Go to the primary weapon section.
(III) Select the weapon you want to upgrade.
(IV) Tap on the upgrade option in the gun description card.
(V) Select the number of XP cards you want to use to increase the level of the weapon and tap on the ‘USE’ option.

How to level up weapons without XP cards?
Use weapon xp cards in CODM and upgrade weapons

You can also level up guns and weapons in CODM(call of duty mobile) without using XP cards. But for that, you have to kill more enemies using the weapon you want to upgrade.

For example, to level up an AK47, you have to kill opponents in any mode using the same gun. The more you kill the enemies, the more upgrade points you will get for your weapon.

However, you know the ranked, BR modes have a ranking system. If you lose the match, the rank falls. Therefore, get more kills in the Featured matches(Unranked)- No fear of losing the rank.

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