How to get a lot of C points in CODM (call of duty mobile)?

How to get a lot of C points in CODM (call of duty mobile)?

The credit point(C points) is the kind of currency used in the CODM. You can purchase some skins, characters, tactical weapons, cards, and other items using credits.

In the call of duty mobile store, you will find many purchasable items, and most of them require CP to unlock. However, CP is a valuable currency that requires real dollars to get.

Therefore, the game has managed some legendary items for the non-spending players in the credit shop. But, players have to collect a lot of credits to buy those high-level items.

Here is how to buy from a credit shop in CODM:
(I) Go to store
(II) Tap on the credit shop option.
(III) Purchase needed items by tapping on the item.

How to get a lot of C points in call of duty mobile (CODM)

1. Level up your rank

To get more C points in call of duty mobile, play rank matches and increase your rank. In each position, you will get many rewards, including Credits for free.

Whenever you go to the Rookie V from I, you can collect more than 700 C points in total.

Similarly, from Veteran I to elite V rank, you will get more than 5000 credit points in CODM for free.

Furthermore, you will get more than 12000 Free Credit points by increasing your rank from Pro I to legendary.

2. Complete daily missions

Collect C points in CODM completing daily missions.

The daily missions are another opportunity to get 50-100 Credits in call of duty mobile every day.

The daily tasks are easy to complete. For example- Play 1 BR match, Send 5 XP cards to friends, Use 5XP cards, Collect BP.

Therefore, check the daily missions section first whenever you log in to the game.
(I) Tap on the event.
(II) Tap on the Daily option
(III) Go to Daily mission.

3. Checkout monthly calendar

Every time you log in to the CODM, you will get a daily reward from the monthly calendar section. From this option, you can collect at least 2000 credits without any effort.

Therefore, visit the monthly calendar one time a day and claim a reward:
(I) Tap on the event.
(II) Tap on the Monthly login calendar option.
(III) Tap on the claim option.

4. Open crates

Crate opening in Call of duty mobile(CODM)

The crates contain different rewards like skins, cards, weapons, tactical, and many more. Also, it is the best source to make a lot of free CODM C points in a minute.

If you unlock one item two times, you will get Credits in exchange for a duplicate reward. Therefore, collect more crates and unlock the best rewards by opening them.

5. Claim from battle pass

You will also earn C as a battle pass reward by increasing tier in CODM. So, from tier 1 to 50, the free battle pass gives more than 2000 free C in call of duty mobile.

However, if you buy a battle pass, you will get more credits than a free offer.


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