How to get gun skins for free in CODM (Call of duty mobile)?

How to get gun skins for free in CODM (Call of duty mobile)?

The skin makes the items more attractive and unique. So, like in the other games, CODM also has varieties of gun skins that players can obtain for free or by spending CP.

The expensive skins and other rare items are the things that show you are an active player. Also, the players look like a pro in the lobby, team deathmatch, battleground if they equip these rear and expensive items.

How to unlock free gun skins in CODM (Call of duty mobile)

1. Increase game level and rank

UL736-Rose Cinder gun skin in Codm

Players can increase their game level up to 150 by playing more matches. So, every time they level up, they obtain skins and other rewards for free.

Moreover, in the journey of Rokei to Legendary, the player gets a lot of rare weapon skins without spending cp coins in COD mobile. Therefore, keep increasing your rank and level.

2. Draw lucky coupon

Lucky board:  unlock free gun skins in CODM

The lucky board draw is the best offer to unlock some weapon skins in CODM.
(I) Go to the reward-free section.
(II) Tap on watch an Intel briefing to win option.
(III) Watch an ad to get a lucky coupon on COD mobile.
(IV) Now, tap on the draw-all option to unlock the skins, XP cards, and lucky coins.

The lucky board contains different gun skins and rewards like echo-Reverberation, HG40-Hounded, Parachute-Cathedral, Combat Axe-Cathedral, lucky coin- the chance of getting the lucky coins is higher than the skins.

But don’t worry if you fail to get skin directly from the draw because you can use lucky coins to redeem the same skins from the ‘lucky board store.

3. Featured missions

These are the example of some featured missions:
(I) Earn one shot, one kill medal 5 times.
(II) Kill 10 enemies with lethal equipment.
(III) Kill 15 enemies with scorestreaks.
(IV) Get 5 headshot kills.

In the featured section, you will get 10 missions every week. If you complete all these missions, you will be rewarded with some attractive gun skins for free in COD mobile. So, visit the event section- Tap on featured and complete the weekly tasks.

4. Finish seasonal mission

In every season, CODM brings more than 45 seasonal missions for the player. Each of the missions gives rewards after you complete them. So, if you succeed in completing all the seasonal tasks, you will obtain more than 20 different gun skins without CP in CODM(call of duty mobile).

5. Complete objectives and checkout system mail

Another place to claim free gun skins is the system mailbox. Whenever the player competes for any objectives like rank push, invite players, join a clan, help teammate, the game sends the skins as a gift in the mail. So, check it out if you see the notification.

6. Join clan war

gun skins in clan store codm

The clan member gets a chance to make clan points by joining the clan war in Cod mobile. These clan points work like a currency- By using them, you can purchase free rare gun skins without CP from clan stores in CODM (call of duty mobile). So, only your task is to join a clan and clan war.

7. Buy from the store

Also, you can buy all the skins with CP from the COD mobile store. The store contains a wide variety of items inside the weapon and CAMOS section.

Moreover, if you have a lot of C, you can spend them in the credit shop to obtain some selected skins.

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