What is the best 4-finger setting for Pubg: new-state players?

What is the best 4-finger setting for Pubg: new-state players?

The outcomes of any action depend upon controlling, Right? Similarly, the player having a best 4-finger setting can control the Pubg: new-state gameplay perfectly.

Most of the players might think it’s easy to play the game with two or three fingers. And it’s true, in the initial phase, it’s difficult to control four claws because of habit problems.

However, if you play the new state regularly with your 4 fingers, you can become a master of the game.

4 finger VS 2 finger VS 3 fingers claw setting

All are best depending upon your habit, but the 4 finger control will not disappoint in most cases. Let me say how?

While playing Pubg: new state with 2 fingers, the one-finger controls joystick and another camera.

Therefore, whenever you have to kill your enemy, you have to move your finger to the up screen- It can be difficult and time-consuming.

Similarly, if you use 3 fingers to play Pubg: new state, your fingers control joystick, fire, and camera, but the aim section remains vacant. Therefore, it might feel difficult to finish the opponent using a sniper.

Finally, in the 4 finger claw setting, the player can control all the buttons without changing the moves here and there. As a result, it reduces the disturbances during the gameplay.

Here is the best 4-finger claw setting for Pubg: new-state

4-finger claw setting for Pubg: new-state

Fig (i) reflects the perfect four-finger claw setting for the Pubg new state players. So, you can use it for your gameplay.

(i) Left thumb:- Joystick, Revive teammate, scope range
(ii) Left index finger:- Fire, view map, left fire button

(iii) Right thumb:- Aiming, gun switch, use health kit, use grenades, reloading, jump, loot crate, loot supplier, pick button, right fire button, drive and get out.
(iv) Right index finger:- Crouch, ads scope, prone, eye bottom, backpack, a message box

Other 4 finger claw advantages:

(I) 4 finger control setting is best for quick action.
(II) Player can use bolt action sniper with perfect aim.
(III) It is the best setting to get more kills.
(IV) This setting is also best for quick jump, prone, and crouch.