How to become a pro in Pubg: new state?

How to become a pro in Pubg: new state?

Whenever you launch the game, do you invite someone to play, or do you get invitations? You are already pro in Pubg: new state if other players show interest to play with you.

The other sign of being a pro is player helps the squad in the match, the player has a high KD ratio, and he\she survives longer in the battleground.

But the Noob player doesn’t survive even until the second circle. So, if you are searching for the tips to be a pro in a pubg new state, then read this article.

How to become a pro player in pubg new state

1. Firstly customize a perfect control and sensitivity.

Sensitivity and control are the first things players need to consider to play a match in a new state like a pro.

The player who has a perfect setting learns to survive longer in the battleground, and he gets control over gameplay quickly even though he is new in the game. So, set the sensitivity at the best level and make a habit of playing the game with your four fingers.

2. Learn to use throwable

pro finger claw layout in Pubg new state

After you make the best setting for the gaming, now learn to use throwable items. The throwable weapons play a big role in the emergency and the last circle. It becomes the best weapon to divert and kill the remaining enemies. Also, the throwable is the best thing to take out the camper from their hiding place.

Therefore, pick up throwables and use them in the best movements. But firstly, practice in the TDM to know how they work.

3. Learn to drive a vehicle

Drive vehicle like a pro in Pubg new state map

The vehicle can save you from the out-of-the-circle and enemies spray. Also, you can use it as a cover in some situations. Furthermore, you can use the vehicles to revive your teammate safely and quickly.

Therefore, it’s necessary to learn driving, either to save you or your teammates. Good driving skills can also make you a pro player in the new state.

4. Play with pro

You can avoid many mistakes by learning from the experts. Pro means the player has all the skills related to the kills, survival, camping, rushing, and strategies.

And if you play together with the pro player, you will learn many techniques from them to make yourself a hero of Pubg: new state in some days or week.

So, if you are a new player, request the high-level player to play with you for some days. You can invite pro players through global chat, team requests, and social media.

5. No match, no pro

To turn yourself a pro in Pubg new, you should play many matches without caring about the KD, rank, or tier. Remember two things- play more, and drop in the hot drop zones to know what happens there.

In the initial days, you might not perform best in the battleground, but after some weeks, you will know a lot of skills and enemies’ behavior.

6. Improve your aim

It’s necessary to learn to use all weapons and guns from long-range and short-range. Even a pro enemy will not escape from you if you have good aiming skills in Pubg new state. So, to improve your aiming skills, you should play TDM and training ground matches every day.

7. Finally, don’t panic in any situation.

In the new state battleground, you will face many challenges- Sometimes, the squad will surround you, sometimes, you will get no loot and health kits, sometimes, you will get stuck out of the circle.

But, don’t panic whatever the situation you encounter. Instead, be cool and calm and try to survive until you can. Keep learning so that one day you will get many invitations and friend requests.

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