What are the best loot places in Pubg new state Maps?

What are the best loot places in Pubg new state Maps?

Pubg new state players know either in safe places or hot drops survival skill fails without the best loot items. And the loots can be anything like backpacks, guns, ammo, throwables, attachments, armors.

There are two maps in the Pubg new state where 100 players can drop for the ranked battle. They are Erangle and Troi.

These two maps have many places with different features. Some are best for camping, some are best for kills and sniping, and others are best to find loots.

So, let’s know some spots to find plenty of loot items to reach in the last circle inside the Erangle and Troi in Pubg new state.

Top 5 loot finding places in Pubg new state Erangle map

1) Sosnovka military base

The Sosnovka military base is the best location to get a lot of loot for a squad in Pubg: New state. Also, it is the best area to find a vehicle for safe travel. Its size is large, and most of the players land in this place.

2) Mylta power

It is an industrial place located corner of the Erangle map. Players drop here to collect the best supplies without any risk to the enemy squad.

3) Novorepnoye

It is another high loot area inside the Erangle map in New state. But if the airplane path falls near, this place becomes a hot drop in a second.

4) Georgepool

The Georgepoll is another biggest spot in Pubg new Erangle where you can find all necessary loot from the container area.

Also, you can pick up more supplies in the city of Georgepool, but the big compound and building can waste your time.

5) Serverney

At least a squad drops here. So, if you want some kill and enough loot, then go to Serverney with your team.

Top 5 looting spots in Troi map in Pubg new state

looting spots in Troi map in Pubg new state

1) City hall

Among all places, the city hall is a colorful spot inside the Troi map in Pubg new state that is best to find a lot of loot items in a minute. Also, you will get the vehicle effortlessly.

2) Vermont

Vermont is another top area in Troi to get high loot like weapons, ammo, helmet, vest, health kits for the squad.

But it becomes a hot drop because most of the time airplane path falls just above it.

3) Bay area

You don’t have to walk more to pick up supplies in the Bay area because you will find plenty of scattered items everywhere.

4) Trailer park

Besides finding loos, you will also feel comfortable playing safe in the Trailer park.

5) Port

The port is a perfect spot in Troi where you can get all the supplies in a second.

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