About lord of blood crate in Pubg new state

About lord of blood crate in Pubg new state

In this latest update, Pubg: the new state has brought a lord of blood crate, which contains special rewards.

But, the lord of blood outfit and bloodlust SLR skins is the most precious and attractive reward among all.

The best thing about the new mythical outfit and gun skin is, players can upgrade them to a higher level to unlock more features.

About the lord of blood Robe and bloodlust SLR skin

The lord of blood robe is a mythical outfit in Pubg new state that payers can unlock by opening the Lord of blood crate.

The appearance of this set is attractive, and players can upgrade it to a higher level using the LMG tokens.

lord of blood robe is a mythical outfit in Pubg new state

This outfit is made of a mask, robe, shirt, pants, gloves, and boots, so to make a set, players have to collect all these pieces.

Players can upgrade the LOB set up to level 3 to get two benefits. Firstly, the outfit will get a new appearance and features.

Secondly, upgrading it to the 3rd level gives exclusive rewards like Team join emote, parachute emote, and Nameplate effect.

Similarly, the other best reward of crate opening is bloodlust SLR gun skin and it is an upgradable mythical skin in Pubg new state.

bloodlust SLR gun skin in Pubg new state

In the first level, it gets basic looks and kills sound and in 2nd and 3rd levels unlocks the muzzle effect.

Furthermore, in the 4th, 5th, 6th level, the skin gets kill effect, new look, and hit effect, respectively.

Moreover, if you upgrade the bloodlust skin to 7TH and 8Th levels, you will get a special loot box and a new look, respectively.

How to open lord of blood crate in Pubg new state

Firstly, you need to have NC, or Chicken medal or vouchers.

The price of one opening is Either X500Nc or X5CM or 1 Lord of blood voucher.
And for 11 openings require X4500NC, or X5CM, or 11 LOB vouchers.

So, the steps are simple if you have resources to open the crate:
(I) Go to the crate section.
(ii) Tap on Lord of blood crate.
(iii) Select either LOB robe or Bloodlust skin(You can’t get both rewards in one opening)
(iv) Open the crate and unlock the rewards.