How can you build a Chicken farm in Minecraft step by step?

How can you build a Chicken farm in Minecraft step by step?

Chickens are the best passive mobs in Minecraft, and it is necessary to build a Chicken farm because they are the best food source. They have a small white body, yellow legs, and wings that flap when they fall.

They provide not only chicken meat, but they also lay eggs and give very useful feathers. In Minecraft, Chickens spawn in grasslands, spruce forests, and almost everywhere.

What are the benefits of having a chicken farm in Minecraft?

Having a chicken farm is very useful because you will get an unlimited supply of chicken meat, eggs, and feathers. You can use eggs to create cake and pumpkin pie. Also, the egg is the best item to trade with villagers.

Furthermore, you can use chicken eggs to produce more baby chickens in Minecraft, and you can also use them to throw at enemies to knock them back. Similarly, you can use chicken feathers to craft arrows, books, quill, and firework stars in Minecraft.

How to build a chicken farm in Minecraft: Step by step

To build an automatic chicken farm in Minecraft, you need a few carpets, stone, glass, 1 dispenser, 1 chest, 2 Redstone repeater, 1 Redstone comparator, some Redstone, a bucket of lava, 4 hoppers, and some eggs. It requires nether quartz to make a Redstone comparator which you can find in the nether.

So, here are the steps to make a chicken farm in Minecraft to produce sufficient food and feathers.

(Step 1):

Firstly, you have to collect a bunch of chicken eggs. (Make chicken coop and capture chickens by luring them with seeds)

First step to build chicken farm in Minecraft
(Step 2):

Find a little clear area and place a chest there. Place 2 stone blocks at the side and add 5 stone blocks at the back each. Leave two blocks of space behind the chest. The chicken farm should look like this as for now:

(Step 3):

Place a hopper at the back of the chest. Put the hopper down so that the items in the hopper will transfer to the chest. Then cover the remaining space with stone.

Third step to make chicken farm in Minecraft
(Step 4):

Place a Dispenser behind the hopper and a glass block over the chest. (Given in the Picture)

(Step 5):

Place a stone slab above the hopper and surround the sides with 3 blocks on each side.

fifth step to make chicken farm in minecraft
(Step 6):

Now, place a Redstone comparator and a Redstone repeater respectively behind the dispenser. Then come down to the back and add another Redstone repeater to the right side of the comparator. Cover the rest space with Redstone dust.

(Step 7):

Place a glass block above the chest and hopper above the dispenser. Again, add two more hoppers behind the hopper connecting to the dispenser.

Seventh step to make chicken farm in Minecraft
(Step 8):

Cover the exposed area with stone. Then place three carpets over the hoppers and place a layer of stone blocks again. Then place lava behind the glass block.

(Step 9):

Cover the rest leaving one hole. And now you will need to throw the chicken eggs here until several chickens hatch on the farm.

Your chicken farm is complete and will now produce feathers and chicken automatically. First, the chickens you produced by throwing eggs must be big and lay eggs. After a few minutes, the farm will look like this. There will be little chicken over the slab.

Automatic chicken farm in Minecraft

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