How to get the conqueror tier in Pubg new state quickly?

How to get the conqueror tier in Pubg new state quickly?

Conqueror is the most reputable tier in Pubg new state, so every player dreams to reach there as fast as possible.

But you know it is not easy to hold a top position. It requires time, talent, effort, and some sacrifices. Similarly, to push conqueror in Pubg new, you should consider many things.

Is it hard to achieve conqueror in a new state?

The quick answer to this question is Yes. Players have to spend at least 4-5 hours every day in gameplay even though he\she is pro to get conqueror fast.

However, if the player is new to the game, then firstly, he\she must play enough TDM to learn aiming and controlling skills perfectly.

How to reach conqueror tier quickly in pubg new state

1. Firstly, decide the map and landing place

In pubg new state, there are two ranked maps Troi and Erangle. Therefore, firstly player should decide on which map he will play and where he will land. And after making a decision, the player should play only in those locations until getting the conqueror.

For example, if you select Erangle map to push conqueror in pubg new state, always play on the same map until you get the conqueror. Similarly, don’t change the landing area on whatever map you choose.

2. Don’t run for kills

plus points for the conqueror tier in Pubg new state

If you want to get the conqueror tier fast, don’t involve in risky battles to get kills. If you hear a firing sound, ignore it and stay here where you are.

The survival time is everything to get plus points for the conqueror tier in Pubg new state. So, save yourself until the 4th circle start, and after that, you can go for kills. But firstly, focus on your survival time instead of KD.

3. Survive from campers.

Do you know who campers are? They are your enemies who play stealthily. Campers don’t go out of their zone, but they hide and wait for the opponents.

You will get these types of players in the Apartment, Squad houses, bridge. So, while you go to such a place, go with preparation. This tip is best for those who play solo mode to push conqueror.

4. Only use a vehicle to travel.

The vehicle is the best thing to increase the survival time for the conqueror tier in Pubg new state solo, duo, and squad mode.

Just imagine, you are traveling to another place through open ground, and your enemy shot you from behind. Just imagine, you don’t reach the safe zone in time.

If you are in the conqueror push mission, you should be quick and safe from all dangers, and the only vehicle makes it happen. So, travel here and there only in the vehicle.

5. Play with motivation and dedication

Firstly, keep in mind that getting a conqueror is not like playing a team deathmatch. During the rank push mission, you have to face many ups and downs. But, show your dedication with motivation whatever situation you get.

Most players give up in 2-3 losses and don’t think again about rank push.

So, motivate yourself, give more time, play more matches, and you will become a conqueror in Pubg new state for sure in some weeks.

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