Nightmare crate in Pubg new-state: Unlock Mad scarecrow AKM & outfit?

Nightmare crate in Pubg new-state: Unlock Mad scarecrow AKM & outfit?

About Nightmare crate

Pubg new-state has brought a nightmare crate for the first time. Players can obtain a legendary Mad scarecrow AKM gun and Mad scarecrow set as the rear reward by opening the crate.

The nightmare crate contains many other prizes such as:
(i) Mad scarecrow helmet
(ii) Pumpkin monster backpack

(iii) Midnight runner-Volta
(iv) Spooky Wagon-Volta
(v) Haunted pumpkin mask and many more

The Player needs 500 NC or 5 chicken medals to open a nightmare crate in New state. But to open 11 crates require 4500 or 50 chicken medal.

How to open nightmare crate to get Mad scarecrow AKM & outfit in Pubg new-state

The mad scarecrow AKM is a legendary gun in Pubg new state that requires NC to upgrade it to max level. This gun gets new features at each level.

Here is the description of the gun:

Mad scarecrow AKM: A legendary gun in Pubg new state

(i) In the first level, the legendary AKM gets Basic looks.
(ii) In the second level, it creates a Kill sound.
(iii) This gun gets a muzzle effect in its third level.
(iv) Finally, in the fifth and sixth levels, the gun gets a special kill effect and Hit effect, respectively.

Also, by using NC, players can unlock attachments of Mad scarecrow AKM like Flash hider, Compensator, and scope.

Similarly, the mad scarecrow set is an upgradable mythic outfit in the Pubg new state.

The Player has to get a Mad scarecrow pumpkin head, top, pants, and boot to upgrade this outfit up to level 3.

Mad scarecrow outfit in Pubg new state

So, by upgrading this outfit, you will get a new look, team join emote, parachute emote, and nameplate effect.

So, here are the steps to open nightmare crates in Pubg new to get a legendary weapon and mythic outfit:
Step 1: Go to the nightmare crate.
|Step 2: Select one legendary crate.
Step 3: Tap on open to get the rewards.

Note:- The nightmare crate reward is random. You have only a 0.30% chance of getting mad scarecrow things from it.

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