How to get the Anna character in BGMI\Pubg-mobile for free?

How to get the Anna character in BGMI\Pubg-mobile for free?

The player has to spend either 600 UC or 600 character vouchers to get an anna character. But, in this article, we will discuss the free method to unlock Anna character in BGMI\Pubg-mobile.

About Anna character

Anna character in Pubg mobile\BGMI

Anna was born in Australia, and her father was a famous investigative reporter.

But after exposing the employee casualties of a global company, he disappeared in a follow-up investigation leaving only a notebook for her daughter Anna.

While she was a child, her father always taught her to investigate and fight, and later she decided to become an investigative reporter.

However, during her investigation, she came to the Pubg mobile\BGMI battleground, and now she will uncover all the clues and truth.

So, you can upgrade Anna character to the max 10 levels, and every time you level up, you will get new rewards related to her.

The first level means you will unlock Anna character, and in the second, sixth, and ninth levels, you will get her voice pack.

Similarly, in the third and fourth levels, you will get a 50 character voucher and 10 character shards, respectively.

Furthermore, you will unlock a emote, 100 character voucher, 20 character shard, and MVP showcase in her 5th, 7th, 8th, 10th levels, respectively.

How to increase the level of Anna?

It’s simple- You should play a lot of matches to level up Anna character quickly in Pubg mobile\BGMI. After making the Anna level max(10), you will get a character crate every time you play with her.

Here Anna’s crate consists of many free rewards such as:
(i) Island traveler Anna(Outfit)
(ii) Forest adventurer Anna(Outfit)
(iii) Further analysis(emote)
(iv) Refined dance(Emote)

(v) Careful observation(emote)
(vi) Premium character shard(Material)
(vii) Character shard(Material)
(viii) Anna’s Voice pack

How to get free Anna character in BGMI\Pubg-mobile

Step 1:- Go to the event section.
|Step 2:- Go to Anna’s gift.
Step 3:- Complete the tasks and collect a free character voucher to unlock Anna in Pubg mobile and BGMI.

So, from this method, you can make at least a 300 character voucher for free.

And if you have additional cards in your inventory, you can unlock the Anna within this season. If not, wait for another event to make 600 character voucher in total.

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