Genshin Impact Ningguang Build: Know all about her

Ningguang Build Genshin Impact: Know all about her

In this article, we will build a Genshin Impact character Ningguang to give her more strength and power. Here you will know all about Ningguang’s Kits, Artifacts, weapons, Team compo, Constellations.

Ningguang is one of the four-star characters in Genshin, and she is a geo-catalyst user with mainly two play styles used as either on-field DPS where you are on field auto-attacking or as a quick swap DPS where you swap her for her Elemental skill and Burst.

How do the kits of Ningguang work?

Ninguang is a character that does a lot of damage through basically every part of her kit.

(I). Elemental Skill- Jade screen:
Her Elemental skill (Jade screen) has the best scaling and deals a lot of damage, also generates Geo particles. ‘Jade screen’ casts a geo barrier that can also block enemy projectiles. Also, Ningguang has a passive talent that increases Geo damage of whichever characters you use that passes through the jade screen by 12%.

(II). Elemental Burst- starshatter:
Her elemental burst-starshatter is good and does a ton of damage based on the number of gems you create. The main thing to know about this ability is that you will generate more gems if you use starshatter after Ningguang’s Elemental skill, ultimately dealing more damage. Another thing to know is her charged attacks are really outstanding. Not only is it’s scaling high, but she also has a very unique mechanic.

The way this works is- when you attack Ningguang Normally, she generates a star jade (up to 3-star jade max). After that, when you fire a charged attack with Ningguang, it will fire those star jades, also deals even more damage.

Guide: All about to build Ningguang in Genshin Impact

Best artifact set for Ningguang

In Genshin Impact, regarding Ningguang’s build for her artifact sets, it is very flexible as there are the best 2-pieces that you can run on her:

I recommend the 2-piece Archaic Petra, which gives you a 15% bonus Geo damage buffing her entire kit. Similarly, the 2-piece Noblesse Oblige gives you 20% elemental burst damage if you are swapping between characters and primarily using her for her Elemental skill and burst.

However, 2-piece Shimenawa Reminiscence set or Gladiator (2-piece) with a 2-piece Archaic Petra would also be a good choice on Ningguang.

Both 2-piece Shimenawa Reminiscence set and 2piece Gladiator, being the same, give you an 18% attack boost increasing Ningguang’s on-field attacking DPS. These are also good 2-pieces in general as it once again buffs her whole kit alongside the 2-piece Petra.

Best Artifact stats for Ningguang

Now for the Ningguang’s Artifact Sub-stats, generally Crit rate, Crit Damage, and Attack percent are the most straightforward sub-stats as these three are the one that gives the most damage.

And for the Main-Stats, attack percent on Sands, Geo damage bonus on Goblet, and either Crit damage or Crit rate on the Circlet depending on whichever you need more would be the best.

Best Weapons for Ningguang

Widsith and Solar Pearl in Genshin Impact: Ningguang Build

For the Ningguang’s build, the best 4-star weapon is the Widsith and Solar Pearl for their Crit sub-stat and respective buffs. Her best free-to-play option is the Dodoco Tales for its Attack percent sub-stat, Normal, and charge attack damage bonus.

Constellations for Ningguang

Ningguang’s constellations buff her further. However, she is not necessarily dependent on her constellations, especially when paired with geo characters. Ningguang can do well even at lower constellations, and her second constellation is powerful because it resets the cooldown of Jade Screen when shattered.

For the best build, another good constellation of Ningguang in Genshin Impact is the sixth constellation, as this gives you 7-star jades when you use her Burst.

Ningguang Team composition(comp)

(I) Mono-Geo team
Moving on to her teams, Ningguang pairs very well with Geo-characters in Genshin Impact. So, having a Mono-Geo team with Geo-supports like Albedo, Zhongli, Noelle even Geo-traveler is best for Ningguang. They provide Geo-resonance to Buffs her team by giving more power. For example- high Shield Strength, more damage, reduce the Geo resistance of the opponent by 20%. On top of that, Geo characters will generate Geo particles which will help get your burst back on cooldown.

Ningguang Team composition(comp) Genshin Impact

(II) Itto’s Team
Furthermore, Ningguang can be a viable option in Itto’s team as a burst support option that will deal a lot of damage and can run a more supportive catalyst. However, the team would not be centered on Ningguang and is also not recommended.

(III) A flexible team
Considering the build for Ningguang, other than the team above, the rest of the Genshin team can be very flexible. Running two Geo-character with any support, usually, a healer and off-field damage dealer support would also be a viable option.


So, this is how you can build your character Ningguang in Genshin Impact to make her overpowered. Overall, Ningguang is the most powerful DPS who excels at single target damage. Although, her lack of AoE damage at times feels underwhelming. Her flexibility allows other units to cover up for her weakness to form powerful synergies.