COD Mobile Ranking System Guide | All Rank List

COD Mobile Ranking System Guide | All Rank List

This article will explain the ranking system in COD(Call of Duty) Mobile and list all ranks mentioning the points to reach there.

COD Mobile is the mobile version of the popular pc battle royale game named Call of Duty. This game is also massively popular among mobile gamers. The game features a variety of multiplayer modes, including Team Deathmatch, Domination, Search and Destroy, and Battle Royale.

It also features a ranked mode where players can compete against each other to climb the leaderboard. There is also the competitive mode in the game i.e. ranked mode. In ranked mode, players compete against each other to climb the leaderboard and earn rewards.

The ranking system in CODM is based on a point system. Players earn points for winning matches, getting kills, and completing objectives. They lose points for losing games, getting killed, and not fulfilling missions.

In Cod Mobile, you will find the rank distribution into several tiers. Players can progress through these tiers as they improve their skills and win more games. The Tier ranges from low skill level to pro skill level. There are a total of 7 Ranks, ranging from rookie to legendary. Rookie is the lowest rank, whereas legendary is the highest rank.

Here the points to determine rank are called competitive points. It is like currency for progression in the ranking system. Players earn or lose competitive points based on their performance in each match, considering factors like placement, kills, survival time, and overall contribution. Good performance leads to competitive point gains, while poor performance results in deductions of competitive points. Be careful that consecutive games of poor performance can result in demotion to a lower division rank like you can drop from Master to Pro if you lose many games in a row.

All Rank List

RanksPoints Needed to Reach
Rookie1 – 1000
Veteran1001 – 2000
Elite2001 – 3000
Pro3001 – 4500
Master4501 – 6000
Grandmaster6001 – 8000
Legendary8001 and beyond

In addition, players have to go through different pro tiers to jump to upper ranks in CODM: 

i.e., For rookie tier, it is sub-divided into:
  1. Rookie I (1 – 200 points)
  2. Rookie II (201– 400 points)
  3. Rookie III (401 – 600 points)
  4. Rookie IV (601 – 800 points) 
  5. Rookie V (801 – 1000 points)
Similarly, for the Veteran tier:
  1. Veteran I (1001 – 1200 points)
  2. Veteran II (1201– 1400 points)
  3. Veteran III (1401 – 1600 points)
  4. Veteran IV (1601 – 1800 points) 
  5. Veteran V (1801 – 2000 points)
For the elite tier:
  1. Elite I – 2001 – 2200 
  2. Elite II – 2201 – 2400 
  3. Elite III – 2401 – 2600 
  4. Elite VI – 2601 – 2800 
  5. Elite V – 2801 – 3000 
For Pro tier:
  1. Pro I – 3001 – 3300 
  2. Pro II – 3301 – 3600 
  3. Pro III – 3601 – 3900 
  4.  Pro IV – 3901 – 4200 
  5. Pro V – 4201 – 4500 

Here legendary means above 8000+ points which is very difficult to achieve as it requires months of grinding with good skills. 

About Rank Reset

Now talking about a seasonal rank resetting system in Cod Mobile:- when the new season starts, your ranking will drop. The game will reset your rank/tier depending on the stats of the previous season’s rank. Below depicts the rank drop after the season reset:

After Season Reset
1. Legendary – Pro I
2. Master V – Elite V
3. Master IV- Elite IV
4. Master III – Elite III
5. Master I – Elite I
6. Pro V – Veteran V
7. Pro III & IV – Veteran IV
8. Pro I & II – Veteran III
9. Elite IV & V – Veteran II
10.Elite II & III – Veteran I
11. Elite I & Veteran V – Rookie V
12. Veteran II – Rookie III
13. Veteran I – Rookie II
14. Rookie I – V – Rookie I

How to rank up faster?

Here are some tips to rank up faster in Cod Mobile:

  1. Try to score more kills in the game if possible
  2. Play with friends in the squad
  3. Use the right weapons and gear, don’t use guns that you are not used to
  4. Focus on survival time if you are unable to get kills
  5. Complete weekly and daily missions
  6. Lastly, practice your skills