Phantom Farlight 84 | Her Skills, Levels, Skins

Phantom Farlight 84 | Her Skills, Levels, Skins

Phantom is the best support female hero in Farlight 84, and she is a master of Sniper Rifles. She has been trained as a professional spy since childhood but was treated as an outcast during missions and was the target of assassinations for years. Now she has finally find out the truth, and she has come to Isle City with only one purpose – revenge. Like other heroes in the game, you can upgrade her to max level 10 and with each level, she becomes a better spy to support the squad in every chaos.

Phantom Skills & Abilities

Optic Camo
(SkillType: Stealth)
– She uses optic camo to hide herself and all allies in range for a short period
– You must use this skill when all the members are out of HP or reloading their guns.
– Communication with teammates should be done.

Portable Scout
(SkillType: Scout)
– She deploys a portable scout device to get info on enemy locations around the landing point.
– This skill will not let any enemy camp around you. You will remain safe.

Fatal Shot
– She deals extra headshot damage with Sniper Rifles.
– If you are a long-range fighting master in Farlight, you must use sniper while playing with Phantom.

Her Levels

2Increases her damage by 8%
3Reduces the CD of ULT skills
4Increases her damage by 8%
5Portable Scout’s scan range, effect speed and duration increases
6Increases her damage by 8%
7Further shortens the CD of ULT skills
8Increases her damage by 8%
9Tectical Skill CD decreases
10Increases her damage by 8%

Phantom Skins

In Farlight 84, there are a total of 5 Skins of Phantom and here they are:

All SkinsHow to obtain
Phantom skin farlight 84
Frost And Snow
From Event

Flow Banquet
From Event

Secret Agent
Using 599 Diamonds
Elite Squad farlight 84 skin
Elite Speed
From Event

From Event