Syfer Farlight 84 | Her Skills, Level, Skins

Syfer Farlight 84 | Her Skills, Level, Skins

Syfer is a supportive female hero in Farlight 84 who takes the initiative to check the security systems of major companies for free (via hacking in). When noticing that any software/systems are not upgrading, she will be compulsive and help them along. Like other heroes in the game, you can upgrade her to level 10 to make her a great support character for your squad. With the help of Syfer, you can detect any hidden enemies and block their way so they can not escape the situation. She might not get high kills, but with the best use, she can help to rank up fast in the game.

Syfer Skills & Abilities

EMP Shock
(SkillType: Disturb)
– She launches an EMP shock that hacks into enemy devices, damaging the shield of all enemies within range, and temporarily deactivates the use of jetpacks.
– No enemies can escape the zone if your teammates are smart enough.

Arena Recon
(SkillType: Scout)
– She expands the recon network to obtain key location info on nearby enemies.
– Being her teammate, you can get find out campers on the battlefield.

– Her reload speed is increased when using an SMG
– So, the best weapon for Syfer in Farlight is White Dwarf and UZI.

Her Levels

2Increases her damage by 8%
3Reduces Teammate’s revival time
4Increases her damage by 8%
5Recon’s Scan range, effect speed and duration are all increased
6Increases her damage by 8%
7Further reduces teammates’ revival time
8Increases her damage by 8%
9Tactical skill CD decreases
10Increases her damage by 8%

Syfer Skins

In Farlight 84, there are a total of 5 Skins of Syfer and here they are:

All SkinsHow to obtain
Syfer skin farlight 84
Using 399 diamonds

Cyber War
Using 399 diamonds

Using 399 diamonds

Blockade Defect
Using 599 diamonds
Source code skin farlight 84
Source Code
Using 399 diamonds or 30K Gold