Chicken master title in Pubg mobile: How to get it easily?

HD photo of chicken master title in pubg mobile.

The chicken master is the legendary title of the Pubg mobile game. And only a few players have got this title because it’s hard to win.

So, if you can unlock the chicken master title, you can show it to your opponents and friends in the lobby. Your hard-earned title will make your Pubg profile good looking. Also, your opponent and friends will know you as a pro and skilled player.

Therefore, you will know the tips to achieve the chicken master title without any risk in Pubg mobile.

How to get Pubg mobile chicken master title easily?

To get the chicken master title, you have to complete 10 much difficult missions.

10 mission to get chicken master in PUBG mobile.
10 missions for chicken master.
  • Use SMG, Pistol, Light machine gun, Sniper Rifle, AR, Shotguns, Melee, Crossbow, Vehicle, Throwable to deal the final blow and win the match. (10 missions)

And you have to complete those missions with some rules and conditions like;

  • You have to complete missions in solo mode. The duo and squad mode is not counted.
  • Your tier should be either on platinum or above it.
  • Focus on your last standing enemy. Your goal is to kill the last opponent on the battleground and get the chicken dinner.

However, completing those 10 missions is much difficult because of those rules, Right?

So, here is how you can complete the missions to earn the PUBGM chicken master title easily.

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Plan early

Look, if you try to grab chicken master in the Platinum tier, you will get it quickly. But, above the Platinum rank, it will be hard for you to complete the required missions. Because, in the gold, silver and conqueror tier, you will get pro and skilled players in the battleground.

So, try to complete the mission in the Platinum V to I. 

However, don’t try between week 1 to 3 of the new season. Because you will face a rank pusher who comes to the battleground after practising enough.

In conclusion, try to complete chicken master title missions from the third week of the new season in the early tier.

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Divide the missions

You know among 10 missions, SMG, AR, light machine gun are easy but other are much harder. 

Therefore, you should give your priority to a difficult mission like, Kill with, crossbow, Melee weapon and Vehicle.

Just classify the missions and complete them from harder to easier.


Use the team up method, if you can.

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