How to make more exp points to level-up Pubg mobile quickly?

Pubg mobile id level 69.

Do you want tips to increase the level of your Pubg mobile ID fast?
You know, to level up Pubg mobile, more exp points are needed.

If your Id level is high, other players will respect you. And they will think you are a pro and experienced player.

Furthermore, whenever you play TDM matches, your opponent will also look at your Pubg level.

And your friends will also appreciate you if you are at a higher level than them.

Tips for getting more exp points to level-up fast on Pubg mobile ID by 2x speed

Select quicker
make more exp points to level-up Pubg mobile quickly
Exp points quickly.

In classic matches, it takes 25 minutes to complete the ‘matches’. So, you will not get more Ex points quickly.

But you know on arcade mode, there are three types of, matches’;

  • War
  • Quick match
  • Sniper training

Among them, quick match and war is the best mode to boost your Pubg level fast, because you will get more exp points in less time.

However, some player thinks, the classic match is better than an arcade to increase the Pubg level.

But actually, they both have similar Ex points rewards after completing the match. However, you can play more matches in the arcade without fear of losing your rank and KD.

So, if you want to upgrade your Pubg ID level in less time, play more matches on arcade mode rather than in classic.

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Complete everyday
Complete everyday

Another way to raise the level of Pubg is by completing daily missions.

Yes, you already know this method. Just complete ‘daily missions’ like,

  • Pick up Molotov cocktail in one classic match
  • Complete one match with friends in any mode.
  • Watch the video to earn rewards.

So, daily missions are too easier to complete- right?

And those missions not only give you extra ‘ex points’ but also gives some BP, classic crate coupon, AG, and Rp points for free.

Use more cards
make more exp points to level-up Pubg mobile fast
Use more cards

Using an exp card is also the best way to level up fast in Pubg mobile games.
If you don’t know about exp card or you don’t have an exp card, then read it carefully;

The exp card is used to increase the exp points by 2x speed. Only you should use and activate it for 1 hour.

And during that time, you have to play a lot of matches to earn more exp points for increasing the Pubg level quickly.

And to use the card, simply go to inventory.
Furthermore, you can collect extra exp cards from;

  • Royale pass
  • Events
  • Recall events.

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