Some secret fact of pubg mobile: Tips and trick you should know.

tips and trick in pubg mobile.

Do you know some Pubg mobile facts, tips and tricks? In this article, I have collected some tips and tricks for you and also some secret fact about pubg mobile gameplay.

Secret Tips, tricks and fact you should know in pubg mobile.

Tips and tricks in pubg mobile.
Tips and tricks in pubg mobile.

Unlimited ammo in TDM

The point is special for those who play TDM matches to improve their skills.
Sometimes you face a shortage of bullets in the TDM, right? But there is a trick to get unlimited ammo while you play pubg mobile TDM matches. Just you should throw your weapons on the ground from your backpack and again pick them up. You will get 180 ammo while reloading again. It’s an amazing trick of pubg mobile, so try this trick on arena training.

Scope vs ironside in AKM

Most of the players use their AKM without any scope because they think it makes recoil easier. Do you agree? Yes, actually, the ironside improves the control of your aim. But, it also creates some difficulty to target your enemy correctly. So, the tip doesn’t use a scope if you want to control the recoil in pubg AKM. But if you are an expert in handling the hard recoil, use ‘scope’ because it increases target accuracy.

3X scope + 6X scope

Which scope do you use most?
3X or 6X? Actually, both are best, but I like 6X more because,

On 6X, you can minimize to 3X scope, but in ‘3X scope’, you cant maximize to 6X.

Moreover, using 3X sometimes give you a fail because its centre point is large. However, the centre point of the 6X scope is a bit smaller which is best to give spray perfectly.

Aim asset vs aim asset off

Here ‘Aim asset on’ aims at the enemy’s body automatically. Whereas in the aim asset off mode, you should target your every enemy yourself.

What do you think is best? Aim asset on or off?

The secret fact is that the pubg mobile auto-target system creates some difficulty in some situations because you can’t control it perfectly. When your enemy takes cover, the aim will target the cover. Yes, you can give head shoot by aim asset only if you are a pro pubg player with perfect aim. Otherwise,
Make your aim asset off.

Auto picks up vs tap picks up.

Do you want to pick up loot quickly? If you want, then use tap pick up. If you kill some enemy or find the loot, the auto-picks up the system automatically collect all the necessary items. But if you tap in Pubg supplier yourself will increase by 2X the speed of the auto system by. It’s the secret trick to save time in the Pubg mobile classic match to get more kills. Just pick up loot items yourself and go for more kill fast.

Red vs holographic

Which is best in pubg mobile red dot vs holographic? The secret fact of pubg mobile is, If your aiming skill is weak, use holographic because it’s the centre point of the aim is large.

Only you can get more kills by holographic if you practice aiming in the training mode. And, Use the red dote if you are aiming master because its centre point is small, which is best to kill more.

Use the eye button to improve the aim.

Do you want tips to increase your aim to focus like a pro Pubg player? Then use the eye button.
Just set your eye button in the crosshair to increase its size. Surely it will raise your targeting skill.

  • Go to setting and control.
  • Now, set the eye button in the centre of your device screen by matching it with the crosshair.
  • And maintain its size at 105% to115%.

An interesting fact about the Pubg game

Have you noticed? Popular male characters like Vector, Andy, and Carlo have heavy bodies than lady Pubg characters.
According to my experience, lady characters like Sara and default (lady) are best than males.
Because while I choose males, sometimes I fail to jump from the door perfectly because of their heavy body structure.

Decia Vs the USA

The vehicle is a necessary part of the Pubg game to push the rank and far safe travel. So, among all vehicle, some player prefers Decia whereas other love UZA.
So, what do you think? Which is the best vehicle in Pubg?

The health capacity of Decia is 1800 with a top speed of 131 Km/hrs. And the vehicle can carry a squad.
The health of UZA is 2000 with a top speed of 116km/hrs. Also, it can carry 4 players (a squad). So, if you want speed travel, a Pubg Decia vehicle is best for you.
If you need better protection, UZA has high hit point than Decia. And I suggest you take UZA because protection is better than speed to get high kills and better rank in classic matches.

Use Pubg local team for members.

Do you know about the local team member feature in Pubg mobile?
This feature is used to join and add a member to play together.
To join local team members in Pubg;

  • Go to the local team.
  • Tap on the join team option.
  • Now enter the code( only you can join if the creator creates a team)

And to add local team members;

  • Go to the local team.
  • Tap on ‘create a team.
  • Now players will join your team. (Player should enter code to join the team)

The smoke trick in Pubg mobile

You know the smoke grenade is the best item in Pubg mobile for every situation.
But sometimes, you have to fight inside the smoke grenade effect. So you don’t see your character’s position. In that situation, you should switch to FPP mode because it helps you to get a bit clear vision inside the smoke grenade effect.

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