How to get free silver fragment on PUBG mobile: 5 ways to earn silvers.

How to get free silver fragment on PUBG

PUBG mobile players want to get more silver fragment because it is used to purchase outfits, weapons, new bag pack skins, and many more items for free.

The Silver fragment is mostly used to buy crate coupons. You can purchase a coupon to make a crate for opening them to get some rare and legendary items. So, It means that you can exchange 100 silvers with five crates of coupon scrap.

And sometimes, you face a shortage of silver fragments. So you want more of them for free to play Pubg mobile with a better experience.

And you know, you can buy only five crate coupon scraps per day. But don’t you think this method is lengthy and expensive?

So, do you want more PUBGM silver fragments within the game for free? Then, I will tell you five easy ways to get more silvers so that you could purchase more stuff for free.

These are the 5 tips to get silver fragment for free in PUBG mobile

  • Crate Opening
  • BP exchange
  • Royal Pass Method
  • Rank
  • Recall event

NO1. Crate Opening

open crate get free silver fragment on PUBG
Rewards inside crate

You can get silver fragments for free by opening the crates. While you open the crate, you get different items. So, you can sell the items that you already have with the exchange of silver.

Suppose, you already have gun skin and an outfit. And again, if you get the same item in the crate, then you can redeem your extra gun skin and outfit with the silver fragment.

NO2. BP exchange

Exchange your BP with silver

BP is another best way to get the free silver fragment. You can get 25 silvers with the exchange of BP every day, so, don’t miss the chance to redeem it daily.

Steps to redeem your BP with the silver fragment

  • Go to the shop
  • Tap on the BP option.
  • Purchase 25 silvers daily by selling your BP.

NO3. Royal Pass Method

get free silver fragment on PUBG using bp
Get some more

Royal pass is also another way to get extra silvers for free. If you upgrade an elite royale pass, then you will get more silvers than a free royale pass.

NO4. Rank

Push your rank and get silvers

Push your rank and get more and free silver fragments. So, the more you push your ‘rank, the more you will get silvers for free as a reward on the initial day of the next season. Furthermore, the rewards depend upon your tier.

TierNo. of silvers

NO5. Recall event

Recall and get free silver fragment on PUBG
Recall your friends for extra silvers

You can get a maximum of 999 silvers from recall events for free, but you should recall some players from your Facebook friends.

If you succeed to recall your friends, then you will win more points.

Finally, you can redeem points that you earn from the recall event with silver fragments without spending UC.


So those are the best ways to get Silvers to purchase the PUBG mobile suppliers.
Therefore, follow those five methods and make more than 4000 silver fragments effortlessly for free.

Frequently asked questions

  • Can I give a silver fragment to my friend?

No, you can’t share silver fragments with your friend directly on Pubg mobile. But using them, you can give chicken popularity to anyone.

  • Can I get unlimited silver fragments?

No, you can’t. But, using the given tips, you can collect a sufficient number of silver coins that will fulfill all your desires.


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